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Chocolate Sunday

What a perfectly charming Sunday in my little suburb today. We got a little under an inch of snow last night and it wasn’t immediately ruined by rain! The tree is on, candles going and the coffee is flowing. With nowhere to go it is a nice break from last weekend! With the household still asleep I had some time to play with makeup this morning. I wear makeup everyday but workdays are a very scientific process where I don’t experiment and weekends are pretty minimal. But today, I had new products to try and couldn’t resist a full face!

My first ever Chocolate Bar palette arrived – I have never been totally sold on these palettes, they seemed really cutesy. As I have explored this brand more and become more familiar with the quality – it was time to delve. First impressions, the packaging is adorable but I am not a huge fan of the metal exterior. The only comparable palettes that I own are the Naked palettes and you get about .2 oz. less product in the TooFaced Chocolate Bar but it also retails for 5 bucks less so it is a wash. The smell is divine, I think it smells more like vanilla than anything else and it is very pleasant. You get a good variety of mattes and shimmers and I was pleased to see the larger pans of White Chocolate and Champagne Truffle as I know that I would plow through those if they were smaller pans. The names are too stinking cute and add to the overall aesthetic. Presentation is fabulous.



Now, I have been hitting and missing with some of their palettes recently and wasn’t sure what to expect. The Chocolate Bar palettes seem to be the standard by which all of their other palettes are measured and I was expecting the moon. Pleased to say, that I was not disappointed! These are some of the most buttery shadows I have ever worked with, they are a dream to blend. The shades are very complimentary too, I had loads of fun layering on different tones to add dimension. I think my favourites shades are; gilded ganache, marzipan, hazelnut, semi-sweet and cherry cordial. The mattes in this palette are equally as lovely as the shimmers and I am a shimmer junkie so this is saying something. I think that the only shade that I am not crazy about is the pink matte, strawberry bon bon – I haven’t used it yet but honestly don’t know if I ever would. I know that this palette is well loved and owned by pretty much everyone, it just took me awhile to jump on the band wagon 😀 That being said, I am a convert for sure, the cutesy presentation doesn’t detract from the incredible quality of the contents and it is kinda’ growing on me.


Blogmas start back up tomorrow – I hope you’ll stick around.


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  • Sandra Lewrey

    Ooh, I’ve had my eye on this palette for a while now. I was wondering about the shades myself, whether they’d be sort of thin (?) like some of them seem to be. This sounds promising – thanks for checking it out!

    • stella

      The shades are more pigmented than other palettes I’ve tried from this brand. It’s the best eyeshadow I’ve tried of theirs. Definitely recommend! Thanks for reading 😘

  • thoughtfulpigeon

    Great post, may have convinced me to try one of the chocolate bar palettes now. I’ve been tempted by their chocolate bar palettes for a while but find a lot of their others a bit hit and miss so good to hear the chocolate bar shadow quality is better 🙂

    • stella

      Oh – thank you 🙂 I know what you mean, I have purchased one or two that I have been very disappointed with so this was a great surprise. I really think it is worth the hype for once. Thanks for reading!!

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