December 2016 GlamBag

I recently got to thinking about how many times I have wasted money on an item that I just don’t like or find that I cannot use and how helpful it would be to have the opportunity to test products before I buy them. And wa-la, I finally jumped on the subscription box bandwagon. I was keen to try a few listed on a Top 10 list but was immediately wait listed for 2 of the 4 that I had registered for. Sad face. The first package to arrive was Ipsy and I was super excited to see what I got!

The theme is Carpe p.m. and the people on the card look like they have way too much fun for me 😀 I’m still not crazy about the faux-fur bag/clutch thing but figure that I will use it for travel at some point. Part of the reason I wanted to join Ipsy was for the cute bags so bit of a let down here. I do like the gold interior, I am such a sucker for gold and it is a nice size. Here are the goodies that were in my bag:

Tarte Maracuja Face Oil – I have used this face oil before and it is a very nice face oil, I stopped using it because I like scented oils – rosehip, nuroli but this is a fantastic moisturizer. I will definitely use this up sooner than later.


I was way too excited to try this Hanalei Beauty Lip Treatment, I have had their lip scrub on my wish list for months. I immediately slathered this all over my lips and it smells so islandy and it tastes good too.


I got a brush! I am jazzed about this because I hate spending money on brushes just to end up not using them. This Beau Gachis concealer brush has a really nice weight to it and the bristles are firm but not stabby. I also like the sleek, black aesthetic – very oh-la-la for a makeup brush.


I’ve never tried anything from OFRA Cosmetics and was happy to see the Bliss eyshadow/highlighter pan in my bag. This shade is totally me and I will use it I am sure. I don’t know how to store it though, I’m not a de-potter.


Lastly, I received a Luxe Shine Lip gloss from Naked Princess, a brand that I have never even heard of. I received the shade Truffle which is a pretty nude with a browner undertone. I like that this doesn’t scream lip gloss, provides a subtle sheen and it is buildable for deeper colour. It is infused with cocoa, shea butter, vitamin e and almond oil and feels really decadent on the lips. It also tastes and smells a tad sweet, nothing overpowering. the applicator is perfect and has that bendy lip that makes application a cinch. I am definitely excited about this one.


Overall, my first Glam Bag was a success! I get to try 3 brands that I have never used and got reintroduced to an old fav, that is just what I am here for! I am excited to continue this subscription.

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