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Love Locked Down

I have started using body wash and I hate it – I am a bar soap purist but apparently this could be drying my skin out and I am desperate to lock some moisture in. I take speed showers, I like to be in and out with as little water as possible and body wash requires so much time commitment. I mean, you waste water and time just pumping the shit out, then you have to lather, blah, blah, blah. I think I am back on bar soap and dry skin after this bottle is out, I just can’t do it!

I am so delighted that I got my hands on a jar of the Kat Von D Lock-It Brightening Powder! As I mentioned before, this came out on Cyber Monday and one of the things that I had been eyeing. I am a huge fan of the Lock-It Setting Powder and wanted to give this a try. First things first, you do get much less than the setting powder – you pay less but price per ounce you pay more. I saw many reviewers mention being surprised at the small size but this is listed in the product details. This is also meant primarily for the under eyes and used for the intended purpose, it is going to last. This powder is offered in 3 shades, yellow, pink and peach – I ordered the peach and it is perfect for my skin tone. I have been wanting something that would actually set my under eye product and have tried loads of balms and primers with no luck. I was hesitant to try a powder as I assumed this would make my fine lines worse but I am pleasantly surprised. This powder is very finely milled and does a wonderful job at setting my concealer but not caking up or drying my eyes out. The added hint of colour definitely brightens my eyes up too and I have been able to use a little less concealer than I normally would. Other reviewers have mentioned an orange or pink tint but I am not experiencing that. I am unsure of how much product they are using but suspect that it is too much if this isn’t tinting my fair skin. This certainly is not a powder that I would use for that baking technique where you over powder and dust off – that would be a total waste and I could see that technique contributing to the tinting issue.

Overall, I really like this product – the container is not great though. I never have an issue with wasting powder from the bigger jar but this powder gets all over and I hate wasting it! My only other complaint is why is everything limited edition now?! I went back for the pink and of course it was sold out and the limited edition thing annoys me, it annoys me even more when the brand brings a product back over and over and still lists it as limited. I support the brand but talk about hype, I hope it does come back and maybe in a bigger size which would be awesome. I hope to get my hands on the pink but in the meantime I am more than pleased with the peach! 

I think this powder is overall pretty fantastic and fingers crossed that this becomes a permanent addition to this brand! Thanks for stopping by 💜


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