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OK, so I finally cracked open the second book in the Outlander series – are you tired of hearing about this yet? I should probably branch out and do a separate blog for this series, I read some spoilers and unsure of how quickly I will get through this one. I am the worst when it come to reading spoilers but I couldn’t help it 😀

I haven’t talked about skincare in awhile, mostly due to the fact that I have not been trying much new skincare – I am in a routine that I like and that is always a nice feeling. I found myself in ULTA (shocking) when all of The Body Shop line was BOGO. I have had some success with this brand but also a few misses as I find that many of their products are heavily perfumed. I’ve been curious about their Vitamin E products and since I am always seeking moisture in winter, what better time than the present? One item in particular though has been really keeping my skin happy and hydrated. I’ve never used a mask quite like Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask but I am hooked. You can use the mask as you do any other mask, apply a thin layer and remove or you can leave it on overnight as I have been doing. This stuff is amazing, after working wonders on my irritated skin following the first few uses I have tapered back and have been using it on extra dry patches once or even twice a week. This mask is similar to a night cream but not as heavy and a tad more buoyant, it reminds me of tapioca and feels luxurious on the skin. It doesn’t take a lot to over do it, I went a tad crazy the first go round but have since found the amount that works best for me. If you apply enough it sinks in instantly but too much and it will just sit there and remain sticky. The latter may be fine if you are going to wipe it off but it makes for uncomfortable sleeping.


This mask doesn’t smell terrible, it doesn’t smell like much of anything aside from a tad florally that dissipates fairly quickly after it sinks in. It does have a pink tone to it, unsure of why as I don’t associate Vitamin E with pink  but I don’t find that it irritates my skin. In fact, this mask is so immediately soothing that I wish they could make a comparable face cream. After letting this mask seep into my skin overnight, I wake up to brighter, plumper and smoother skin. The results aren’t temporary either, I find that my skin stays pleasantly supple for days after using.

This mask is a bargain at $24 for 3.3 ounces and will last ages as only a thin layer will do the trick. The only draw back with the delivery is that it comes in a jar, I prefer masks that come in tubes as it takes me ages to use them and I worry about bacteria. I use a cheapie foundation brush to apply which can be a pain in the ass washing that after every use but ah well.


This mask is truly lovely, one of the best impulse purchases that I have ever made 😀 I would be delighted to explore more of the line and will keep you posted if I do.

*gasp* Claire was just shown the grave of Black Jack Randall – eek!

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