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Swamp Queen Palette Review

Coming off of a couple of month’s super adorable Ipsy bag designs, I received an invitation to snag November’s bag with no wait list. Uh, yea please – the constellation design was right up my alley. Flash forward to a month later, I forgot that I had signed up and never received the bag. Going back to read the fine print, I would only get the bag if there were left overs. There weren’t. Flash forward to now, having received the December bag and I could not be more disappointed. This bag is hideous and such a dud in comparison to the October/November designs. I have been avoiding the subscription beauty boxes as I wasn’t sure that I needed a bunch of samples lying around or whether or not I would use them in a month. I subscribed to BirchBox years ago and it was pretty meh – I think that I actually got a granola bar one time. I mean, I love granola bars as much as the next girl but how does that count as a ‘full-sized’ product?! I severed my relationship with them pretty quickly after that. Anyway, I have a couple of all natural themed beauty boxes on the way and unsure if I will stick with Ipsy. Is a 1 month trial a thing? I am making that a thing.

My Swamp Queen palette arrived a few days ago and I was headed out to a thing but I was so excited that I decided to just take it with me to the thing, then I had to show everyone at the thing and I realize now that it must be hard to be my friend 😀 But seriously, this palette is gorgeous. Immediately out of the box, I was impressed with how weighty this palette is. I don’t know if I have just become accustomed to light weight, plastic palettes but this one feels luxurious. And let’s talk about that package – I love the faux-wood look with glam gold detail, it feels so rustic (I am a huge fan of rustic) and is like nothing else that I already own. If you watch Bunny then you can definitely appreciate the names of the shadows, it is the little bits of flare that put this product over the top for me. You get 9 shadows, 3 face products (blusher, bronzer & highlight) as well as a cute little brush. In addition, the palette is equipped with a full-sized mirror. Also, it smells delish – I never realized how much I needed scented eyeshadow in my life and now I don’t think that I could ever go back. In the box you will also find a Look Card, I don’t often use these but I appreciate it when brands include this as it just elevates the presentation quality, in my opinion.

I have been loving me some Tarte palettes and really just their shadows have been staples in my beauty routine as of late. I have yet to get my hands on any of the circular palettes that are of course Limited Editon but have been loving their Pro Palette and Pro To Go palette. Anyway, I have been burned on the collaborations before but having read tons of solid reviews, I felt pretty good about this one. Bunny did not disappoint and I would not expect anything less.


This is a warm toned palette and I know that it was a fall favourite for many, I wear warm tones all of the time and this will be a fantastic year round palette for me. Plus, it has some really unique colours that I can use with other more neutral palettes (dogman, seriously). I will use every shade in the palette which is huge for me, I almost always have those 1 or 2 pans that just sit and dry out but not here! I’ve been on an All Things Metallic bender and of course I am partial to the sparkly shadows. I have found that metallic shadows can be very gritty but Tarte has mastered the buttery, metallic formula that doesn’t fall out or leave glitter all over your face. Straight black magic. The pigmentation of these shadows is pretty amazing and on par with what you would expect from this brand. The only pan that I am not crazy about is the bronzer but mostly due to the fact that I just don’t find a need to use bronzer on the regular. I mean, people know that I don’t/can’t tan so it just looks so fake on me. All of the other pans are totally usable and go great with my skin tone and complexion but honestly, I think this palette would be flattering for most users. This is yet another Limited Edition and if you didn’t get your hands on it the first time around, I would recommend before it is gone again! It is sparkly, genuine, totally unique and embodies Bunny to the T – check it out!

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