Tarte Addiction Continued…

It is a Tarte weekend apparently and can you blame me?! They have been releasing one awesome thing after another that I obviously need! Although, I had to send the BF on an errand to get my Shape Tape while I was at work and the 2 ULTA locations in my area were already sold out. I might just quit buying it since it is always such a pain to get my hands on it. I realize it is ridiculously popular but shouldn’t they be planning to supply that demand? I really think that beauty brands do this on purpose to drive hype, I must stop buying in.



So, remember that time when I was insisting that $28 for a 5.6 grams of highlighter was ridiculous be it 12 hour wear or no and that I would not be supporting this highway robbery? Well, I am a liar, liar pants on fire – yet again. Tarte released 3 additional shades of their Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Highlighter and I snagged them, well 2 of them because I do have some self-control (pathetic that it is). Again, I was not overwhelmed by the original shade Exposed but I did mange to hit pan and it made my favourites list at one point but really only due to my getting in the habit of reaching for it. I am still not totally in love with it but part of this is due to the shade. It is nude, it doesn’t even give my fair skin any colour and I like to get a little colour with my glow. That being said, when I saw the same formula now with a little added colour I had to go for it.

phototasticcollage-2016-12-18-17-12-35First off, why would I buy more of a product that I was not crazy about? The formula is pretty near perfect, it isn’t glittery and it doesn’t get chunky – you get subtle shimmer that you can build if you want to really glow. The wear is pretty great too, I cannot attest to the 12 hour claim but it does last all day and doesn’t break up. I am still glowing when I get home, major points in my book. If ever a powder product could embody dewy, this is it. It imparts a beautiful, sheer glow that plays well with oily skin but again no colour. People, this is why the new shades are perfect. The same gorgeous, buttery, long lasting formula with a hint of warmth. Stunner is a gold, opalescent highlight and though it does not add a ton of colour it still brightens my face up really well. Sparkler is a rose gold that does provide plenty of colour but again is fairly sheer and I have been using it as an over-all colour. Again, as the formula is so non-glittery you can get away with wearing it all over and not looking shiny.


These highlighters come in round, plastic compacts with a mirror – the same as their blushers and you get 5.6 grams for $28 – still steep in my opinion but I had a coupon so that helped. I really am enjoying this product and am so pleased that they released new shades! I would recommend skipping Exposed, getting straight to the tinted pans and purchasing on sale or with a coupon 😀


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