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The Best of 2016

I feel as though this year was filled with never-ending releases and that I purchased way too much makeup. Seeing as how I had to purchase 2 additional storage containers, this is probably so. We also saw a lot of trends this year, contouring, non-touring, matte lips, insta-brows, colour correcting and so many more that I am sure that I am leaving out (the dreaded baking, hands up if you think this is an attempt by companies to generate more profit from loose powder sales). It was tough to choose my absolute favourites but I kept it to 10 and here they are – The Best of 2016.

1 – Violet Voss – Holy Grail Palette It was everywhere (OK, so mostly on instagram) but for a brand that I had never heard of, I wanted this immediately. I missed the first year of restocks and finally nabbed it in a bundle. This was an impulse purchase, not one but two palettes from a brand that I knew nothing about?! I certainly do not regret it and now own all of their palettes. I just love the formula and the extensive variety of shades and finishes that are offered in them. You get a fair mix of mattes, shimmers, satins and metallic shadows with loads of colours to create endless looks. This is a warm palette but I can solely use this one palette for days and not get bored with it. I have never experienced such an affinity for an eye palette, I can and have used every shadow in this palette and I simply love it. Is it a holy grail product? I am unsure of that that truly means, I know what it means but I just don’t understand how it translates to makeup:P I will say that I would be super bummed if I did not have this palette in my drawer. Could you find these shades anywhere? No,  I don’t think so and not as a part of such a perfect colour story.

Eek! Sorry it is such a mess, it is well loved 😀

2 – Tarte – Shape Tape Concealer Yea, yea – so everyone thinks that this stuff is just amazing and it is! I hated it the first time that I used it and have since realized that I cannot expect the same results as all of the vloggers out there who seemingly use black magic to apply their makeup. I was expecting absolute perfection from this concealer but it was nothing like I had used before, this was good and bad. Loads of coverage but I could not get it to blend and look natural for the life of me! I now know that I must blend, blend, blend immediately or else. Also, this concealer dries down to a totally different shade than its liquid form. Wait for it to dry when you swatch or like myself you will go home with the wrong shade. The scent, the creamy texture, the flawless finish, the staying power – this stuff is simply amazing.


3 – Lime Crime – Velvetines This is huge for me, I am criminally bad at applying lipstick and had given up on ever being able to wear lipstick on the regular, ever. *Stella, meet liquid lipstick* I can literally wear any colour, on any occasion without issue. I think this formula works so well for me as it is incredibly thin which I find makes it crazy easy to apply. It doesn’t stain and a quick dab will clean up any smears. Second, it does not budge – sure you are going to get patchy after eating but it touches up like a dream without pilling up or flaking. It is amazing and I am delighted that they keep coming out with new shades and formulas.


4 – Mario Badescu – Facial Spray Please make a bigger bottle! This product has been a staple of mine for-ever and it never gets old. The delightful aroma of roses, the instant soothing properties, the price! Everything about this spray screams luxury and yet it costs pennies on the dollar. At the moment I have 4 full-sized bottles for home and 2 minis in my bag, I am addicted. Nighttime, daytime, all of the time – get you some if you have not already!


5 – Beauty Blender – The Original So it isn’t makeup and has been around for eons but I stopped wearing liquid foundation simply because I could not apply it. No matter what foundation I was using, sponge or brush application – it always looked streaky. I desperately wanted to get away from powder foundation and am so glad that the sales gal talked me into giving the BB a whirl, I have never looked back and have about a dozen bottles of liquid foundation that I use on the regular. Going from 1 powder product option to a variety of 100’s of liquid formulas – amazing.

6 – Benefit – Dallas Box o’ Blush for a gal that was never big into blusher and even less into bronzer, who knew that I would become so infatuated with a blusher/bronzer mash up? This powder is so matte and imparts a perfect flush with so little effort. I seriously feel like I have cheekbones when I wear this product (I most certainly do not have cheekbones). It is a crowd pleaser too, of all my blushers I am consistently asked about this one.


7 – Urban Decay – Subversion Lash Primer Amazing and another long time favourite. It extends the wear of my mascara, improves application and plumps up my lashes. I must, must wear this every time that I wear mascara. It keeps my lashes conditioned and healthy, I cannot be without this one. Does that make it a holy grail?

I’m lazy and stole this photo from my tag post on how much my face was worth

8 – Tarte – Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel Don’t let that teenie spoolie fool you, I don’t fuss a lot with my eyebrows and this gel adds just enough colour and hold to make it look like I do.

9 – It’s a 10 – Miracle Silk Smoothing Balm A hair care product, what?! I will start with saying that I am not into the sleek, super straight look – I like my hair to be a little messy, a little textured and dare I say, unkempt. This product is perfect for taming any super frizzy pieces while still letting my hair do its own thing and not sucking the body out of it. I also like that it doesn’t really smell like anything, I don’t want my hair products to compete with my perfume and natural scent. This line can be pretty pricey but this item is extremely reasonable and the bottle lasts ages.


10 – Dr. Jart+ – Black Label Detox BB This was hard, 2016 was the year of the liquid foundation for me and I was snatching a new one up at every opportunity. But this BB is incredible, it provides medium coverage and it blends like a dream. I wear this in place of foundation for days where I want sheer coverage and just pair with a good concealer. It just feels fantastic on the skin, it wears really well all while looking very natural. Of the 100’s of BB’s out there, this one is a keeper.


I am sure that there are loads of the other great things out there, these are the ones that really stuck out in my mind and that I find myself using almost everyday. What made your 2016 fabulous, I’d love to hear – thanks for stopping by <3


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