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Thoughts on tarteist PRO

I realized that I didn’t get my turkey fix this year! We didn’t do a turkey which was a nice switch but I had a hankering for some turkey and decided that today was the day. Well, not a whole turkey – it was just a turkey breast but it hit the spot. I do my turkey breast in a slow-cooker, amazing every time! If you haven’t tried that cooking method, definitely check it out.


I am in a battle with the new tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette and after another morning of trying and failing to use it, I am losing that battle. This palette has rave reviews online and I’ve watched videos that make it appear to be just stunning. I so badly wanted this palette from the first day it dropped and have been so disappointed. The shades are gorgeous and mostly matte but I was looking for something that I could pair with my metallic shadows as I own so many, this was perfect. I was also excited about the 4 pans of duo-chrome, I am a big fan of due-chrome formulas and couldn’t wait to try this formula. I should love this palette but I simply cannot use it. I don’t know what it is but it doesn’t stay on my eyelids! I used a primer – just like I do everyday, started with my base shade and highlight, moved to transition, blending, blending, blending and BAM – I was just wiping my base shadow off! I thought I needed more product, a different brush but just managed to get shadow everywhere but on my eyes. I gave up and decided to just go in with a different eye shadow brand and the product wouldn’t adhere to my eyes because of the tarte shadow. It formed this weird, chalky barrier. I am so sad. I don’t know what I am doing wrong and simply will not use my fingers to apply a high-end eye shadow, ColourPop – fine but I expect more from this brand. Not to mention, if they are calling this a Pro Palette there should be no mention of finger application. I am not giving up yet, I have only tried these shadows with 1 primer and I might just need something a little more potent. I have never experienced anything like this, you can see patches of my bare lid – not a good look 😦 This is surprising too as I have pretty good luck with tarte shadows! The RainForest of the Sea palettes are staples in my everyday looks, every pan is perfect and totally wearable. Their single, metallic pans are awesome and I wear those with no issue all of the time. I am just baffled as to why this palette isn’t working for me.

It is so awful, I feel as though I got a bunk product – people are calling this palette buttery, pigmented, amazing – what, where?! This palette while pretty to look at with stunning presentation is a total let down for me, I hope to be able to wear it in some manner and haven’t given up yet! I guess we’ll see what happens. I am literally watching more videos now, I have to be missing something. If you have this and can use it – what are you doing that I am not?!


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    • I will keep an eye out for your review! I would love to see how others are using it. Thanks for reading1

  1. Dee

    You are not alone! A friend of mine got the same palette as a Christmas gift and had the same problem. She tried every eyeshadow primer she owns (like 12 different ones…) with the same result. She took it back to the store and they told her she wasn’t the first to return that palette. Something about a bad batch. Can you return yours and get one from a different shipment maybe? The new one she got works great. Good luck!

    • Good to know! That would actually make me feel better since I really do love this brand and most of what they offer. I can take it back, I honestly think I will have to since I just don’t think fussing with it more will change anything. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it!

  2. Maybe try not using a base shade over the primer so the shadows will stick directly to the primer? That sucks this palette is so pretty!

    • That’s a good idea! The lightest shades are by far the chalkiest, skipping them might help. Thanks for sharing!

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