StraightUp Amazing

Watching Home Alone yet again, what can one really do in the sub zeroes? How is that house so gorgeous, where do they have houses like this?! I think the tree is coming down tomorrow, sad face – but it had a good run. Snow expected on Tuesday and Wednesday! I just have to say that I am thankful that I live in a climate where we can deal with it effectively. We complain that the roads never get salted right away and that the plows make a mess but in reality, at least that shit happens at all – I cannot imagine even getting an inch in a climate where it never snows.

Anyway, I was in ULTA recently and I saw this handy-dandy Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush that smooths and flattens your hair similar to a flat iron but just by brushing! My inner monologue was something along the lines of, ‘Seems gimmicky, who would use this? InStyler, isn’t that the brand with that weird curling iron? Oooh, but it’s purple. Maybe it works, use your coupon and you won’t feel bad about it later.’ So obviously I purchased it. In all honesty it does still feel like a gimmick, a flat iron that is a brush (or brush that is a flat iron) – it screams infomercial. But it’s purple, I am a sucker for anything purple or gold which is ironic since I hated these colours when I had to wear them for high school sports. You pretty much wanted to make varsity as soon as possible so that you could graduate to white and purple uniforms 😀 At any rate, I totally got sucked in by the aesthetic and it would have served me right if this thing sucked but guess what? It doesn’t – it’s amazing. I’ve said it before that I don’t fuss with my hair a lot and I don’t go in for that super sleek look (on myself, it looks great on others) and this tool provides the best of both worlds. It tames the frizzies without diminishing from my natural wave too much, my hair looks sleek but with loads of body. My hair is super fine, but there is a ton of it and it is very coarse with a natural wave – it’s a lot of fun 😛 I just don’t love the way a flat iron makes it lay and I love having this brush as an alternative for everyday use.


I don’t know how it works, it appears to be regular brush bristles that are housed in individual heating elements. The heat range isn’t shabby, it goes all the way up to 450 but I am surprised that it doesn’t feel super hot to the scalp – I was brushing a little gingerly until I realized that it wasn’t unpleasant at all. This brush is as light if not lighter than my regular iron and it has a swivel cord which makes it super easy to brush in any direction that I want. I have been parting my hair out as I would normally and brushing the sections, it is just amazing and makes such a quick job of taming my hair. It looks sleek and polished without looking done and I could not be more pleased. The only issue I have is that it snags my hair if I am not careful, I am overdue for a trim so we’ll see if this ceases after I get a haircut. It wasn’t tearing my hair out, just enough snag to make me notice.


Overall, this thing is totally amazing. I paid $49.99 as I had a coupon which in my opinion is way less than any flat iron that is worth its salt. My CHI has lasted for 5’ish years but that initial investment was painful.I’m sold, if you are partial to super sleek hair then keep your iron but if you want a more tousled look then definitely give this a try on.

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