Brand Love – tarte

I was criminally under-dressed for the weather today. I am usually prepared with my scarf, gloves, head band, extra socks and the whole nine but today I found myself scraping ice off my windshield in just my coat. I love winter but have an irrational fear of dying from exposure or in an avalanche. I know pretty ridiculous but nothing will make you feel more alive nor more inert than an arctic, blistering wind that pricks your cheeks and sets your longs afire. Constant vigilance people – get those cold weather kits out. I really do love winter though πŸ˜›


In other news – I hit 500 followers today and could not be more delighted, I want to do something but I don’t know what yet…I will think of something so stay tuned.

While getting ready this morning it occurred to me that my majority makeup brand currently is tarte, I was surprised as Urban Decay has been my go to brand for years and am unsure of when this switch occurred. I think it was when ULTA offered me 5x the points on tarte and I was all, ‘Challenge accepted.’ I regret nothing, from the packaging to the ingredients, there is a lot to love about this brand. Here is a little snapshot of my current tarte favs.


Palettes, palettes everywhere and this was a tough choice but my current palette of choice is the rainforest of the sea vol. i – an entire palette of shimmers *swoon* The browns, the taupes, that lavender and not to mention the perfect formula.


The clean slate poreless primer is amazing, it makes my makeup glide on so smoothly andΒ  keeps it fresh for days. It banishes my pores and I just love the way it makes my skin look. Plus, can we take a moment to appreciate that wood cap – who comes up with this stuff?

Two mascaras are making the list because they are both amazing, maneater and tarteist lash paint are two must haves.


I won’t bore you with this next selection as I and everyone else has talked it to death but did I mention it was the most perfect concealer in existence? The shape tape is totally worth the hype.


My current tarteist lip paint picks are texas toast, fomo and namaste. I like this lip paint, it doesn’t dry down totally matte but it is very rich in colour and applies nicely. I also like the minty scent, it is a nice switch from the more saccharine, cake batter smelling lip products of late.


I just re-upped on my colored clay tinted brow gel even though I have about 10 other brow products that I could be using. I just can’t get over how natural looking this gel is but also how put together it makes my brows look.


Lastly two face products are making the short list, one their perfectly pinky celebrated blusher and the glorious, rose gold sparkler highlighter. These two in tandem are just incredibly flattering.

That is the tarte short list, all very worth the investment for the quality and sheer beauty of them. I suspect that this brand will continue to invade my beauty drawers πŸ˜›

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  1. Wow so many Tarte products! I haven’t tried about of their powder blushes or highlight but I want to! I’m currently testing out the shape tape concealer and I still don’t know what I think of it yet….

    1. I like them more than I thought that I would, the blush especially seems really dry in the pan but it doesn’t apply that way or look dry on. All of their highlighters are great! I didn’t love that concealer to start, I actually gave it really terrible review on the ULTA site but I changed the routine in which I apply it and it is perfect. I also have really oily skin and it doesn’t budge but it took some getting used to! πŸ™‚

      1. I apply it over my foundation now, it dries really quick and if I let it sit too long I just use a teenie bit of oil to sheer it out and blend it!

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