Teeez Me

I am really into coffee, it is like a hobby for me and I usually receive something coffee related as gifts. When asked if I owned a Keurig I just politely said no and did not get all environmental on the person asking and didn’t think anything of it. For Christmas I received a really lovely, super fancy Keurig and it is really nice and what an over the top gift so I have been trying to use it but those pods *gag*. I have not been able to pop out the K-cup holder but when I do, I did buy one of those reusable inserts. Until then, I can recycle the K-cups I just have to separate the pods and I am doing this but I still feel like a total dirt bag. Damn fine cup of coffee though.


I have been keen to try Teeez Cosmetics for some time after seeing their produtcs featured in blogs and fashion magazines. This is another ultra-cool brand, they are self-proclaimed beauty provocateurs. Need I say more? Someone could tell me that they were a Pocket Protector Provocateur, and I would be all, Really, tell me more. I think that as a society, we really need to start using this word more 😀 Anyway, I jumped on an ipsy offer of 2 shadows and an eyeliner and they arrived yesterday! Saturday mail usually coincides with me leaving for the evening and I show up to wherever I am going with new makeup 😀 I have to share too, I cannot help it! Look, look at this pigment. Let me swatch this on you. I don’t know how I have friends.


I received 2 of the Spectrum of Stars shadows $23, Pearly Mist and Splendor Sunset and an Easy on the Eyes liner $20 in what looks like only comes in Black Deluxe. I got all three products for $20, what a deal. The aesthetic of these products is stunning, the packages are like teenie works of art and the product containers are chic and edgy.


Apologies for the wicked reflection, that is me in my fav black sweats and grey top that is 2 sizes too small but it is made of some fabric of the Gods and I just cannot throw it away 😀

The shadows are formulated with argan oil and claim to be long wearing. They are super smooth, I have only done a finger swatch but they are so shimmery and pigmented I cannot wait to wear them. Pearly Mist is a silver but with a warmer beige undertone which is great for me as I don’t love the way that silver eye makeup looks on me – I just never feel that it looks terribly flattering. I can definitely wear this shade though. Splendor Sunset is a shimmery terracotta that I know I will have no trouble wearing. Both shadows are truly lovely. The liner is a felt tip pen that is waterproof and the swatch wasn’t too bad. I am just not a fan of liquid liner and recently had a really bad makeup day with liquid eyeliner but this one didn’t skip or bleed. I guess we will see what happens.



I have not worn any of them yet, I think I will test them out for tomorrow’s MOTD Monday and give a few more thoughts! Overall, I think all of the products seem really lovely (this highlighter is calling my name) so far and can’t wait to give them a whirl!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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