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Anti-Haul #1

Anti-Hauls crack me up and while I was re-upping on some staple products this evening I was going through all of the products that I don’t need, shouldn’t buy and am committing to not buy. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype and the pretty packaging and the gimmick and here are some items that I am committing to not buying. No judgement though if I am posting in a week – Look what I got 😛

First up is the Violet Voss Ride or Die Palette – 35 pans of splendor,  most of which I guarantee I already own. It looks lovely but I know that I would never use it and I already own 3 Violet Voss palettes only 1 of which gets constant use.


TooFaced Chocolate Brownie Brow Pencils – How freaking adorable are these?! There’s a pencil, a spoolie and they smell like fresh brownies. I was so sold until I reminded myself that I own about 10 brow pencils that I never use. Maybe one day if I ever use some of the products that I own but not before.


Guerlain L’Or Pur Radiance Face Primer – this isn’t a new product, I am just obsessed with it and it smells like heaven. I just don’t know what it is, I have heard that it doesn’t make a great primer but if you pair it with a primer it makes your face so radiant. At that price tag, this better be the only product that I need to put on my face. It smells so glorious, check it out the next time that you are in a Sephora!


Yet another enormous palette is making the list, I just don’t know how or if I would use these! This one is from TooFaced and I am skipping, I really feel like I own all of these shades already oh, and it’s enormous 😛


Eek! And lastly are these gorgeous highlighters from TooFaced, they are stunning but I don’t have great skin for highlighter as it is and cannot own another one.


I am also swearing off all foundations, I cannot have another foundation my life. I cannot swear of mascara because this is the year of burgundy lash and I am all over that. These are the products that I keep drooling over and know that I don’t need. Damn TooFaced and all of their adorable new products 😀 How about you? What new must have are you skipping on?

Thanks for stopping by ❤

None of these images are mine as I don’t and won’t own any of these products!



  1. Great post. I agree that we get all caught up in the moment and buy products we don’t really need, or end up using infrequently. Some of these really are tempting though. 😊

  2. EssAyDee

    I have drawers full of stuff that I felt like I needed to have at the time but never touched again when I brought it home. I need to do a post like this too because I’m starting to feel the urge to shop. 😂

    • I know what you mean, it doesn’t take much to get carried away! Haha, please do – I’d love to read your picks 😘 Thanks for reading!!

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  4. Have you watched Kimberly Clark’s anti haul series? It is amazing!! Also, you aren’t missing out on the super- glitter Too Faced highlighters 🙂

    • Yessssss! I always feel bad about myself too, like damn I didn’t need that and I knew that but I bought it 😀 They crack me up. Ugh, I cannot believe the price point on those!! That makes me feel better though 🙂

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