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I find myself in need of a laugh more often these days – if you are in need of a harmless chuckle, troll the reviews on Amazon. Sounds totally lame but often times since I am shopping for women’s products, I run into reviews that men have posted after purchasing something for their wives/girlfriends/significant others/etc and they are hilarious. ‘I think she liked it, she uses it…’ or ‘My wife really loves online shopping, Christmas is her SuperBowl and I knew this desk shelf would be perfect for her computer.’ πŸ˜€ Something almost always cracks me up, it is just so sweet. I wonder now if the BF has ever left a review for anything that he has bought for me. When I am looking for makeup and it is out of stock, he always signs up for an email notification too – cracks me up. I was actually shopping for a new laptop, I think mine is dying 😦 I had my first ThinkPad for 14 years and this one is only on year 3 – I really do believe in planned obsolescence.


Anyway, welcome to Sample Saturday! Today I am reviewing a product that I added to my cart, then removed from my cart, then went to the mega mall to take another peek and put it back in my cart and you get the idea. I was already keen to try the Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment from Sunday Riley for ages – I have sampled a few things from this brand and they are always really love but holy price tag. You pay anywhere from $55 – $105 for a mere ounce of product for most of their line. And since nothing ever goes on sale at Sephora (ever) and their point system sucks, you can bank on paying full price but I did get 2x the points for purchasing a skin care item. That is steep for me and I often question these high ends brands that use the same ingredients as more affordable lines – what am I buying? I needed to know before I could commit and was delighted to receive a sample in my January Birchbox, finally I was able to give this product a solid test drive. That teenie sample lasted me for roughly 3 weeks! I only used a pea sized amount and applied it in the evening, even though the instructions do say that you can use this in the AM as part of your skincare routine or as a primer even – I’m skeptical.This product claims to treat all kinds of issues including dullness/uneven texture, dark spots and fine lines/wrinkles. In addition to the high grade, industrial strength (hyperbole) lactic acid it is formulated with aloe, lemongrass and licorice. It claims to be suitable for all skin types, for sensitive they recommend 1-3 pumps mixed with their cleanser for a 15 minute mask. All other skin types are advised to use 1-2 pumps in the AM and PM. I apply over my night serum and under my moisturizer. It claims to improve the appearance of fine lines and plump the skin in only 3 minutes.


Things I noticed right away – it is a little burny but it is lactic acid so it is supposed to be blasting away all of my dead skin and gunk which can be unpleasant for a few seconds. The texture is very emollient and easy to spread a little a long way, it absorbs without residue and it smells funk but I’ve never cared for lemongrass. Nothing crazy happened, no excessive redness, my face didn’t melt off and I went to sleep. Inspecting my skin in the morning I was pleased with the immediate texture improvement to my chin and also around my mouth – I get really odd, crepe like texture and it is something I am always dealing with. I also noticed that this treatment had blasted some spots I had popping up on my chin, another issue I am constantly battling. Immediate results, too good to be true but I was pretty impressed. My skin will turn on me at any instant so I didn’t think I would see anymore improvement but I was wrong. Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve had a reduction in hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks, no chin spots, my crepe skin is almost totally gone and overall I have had less pore congestion. Also, about a week in I was no longer experiencing that burning sensation on first application. I did also introduce a glycolic acid treatment into my routine, I cannot totally attribute my results to this one product but it certainly isn’t hurting! The only thing that I am finding a tad odd is that my face is getting lighter, I think that this is due to the eradication of my red pigmentation but it is a little unnerving. I thought that I was just being paranoid by my co-worker said that my skin was so milky, my skin has never been milky. I almost cried. I would describe my skin as oily, acne prone, ruddy, with areas of severe dry patches and easily irritated so…


I like what it is doing for me but still hesitant to say that it is worth a $105 price tag – it will be interesting to see if this product provides long-term, lasting results as it claims or if my skin will become dependent on it and if it stops working for me at some point. You can purchase lactic acid all on its own for much, much cheaper and I have gal pals who do this, if you are a DIY’er then that might be a good option. I’m not and am mostly uncomfortable with using direct acids without professional guidance. (I was talked into putting benzoyl peroxide from the drug store on my face and I had such a severe reaction, my eyes swelled close. I always, always purchase the over-priced ointment from the dermatologist πŸ˜€ )The $158 dollar size (1.7 oz) is the better value (har, har) but since some products stop working for me I didn’t want to order that and then get stuck with something I could no longer use. I am excited that Sunday Riley has started offering half sizes of some of their oils, maybe they will do that with Good Genes too? This treatment does last a long time and as mentioned, a little goes a long way. It comes in a super fancy box that probably cost about $10 πŸ˜› and the bottle is very chic so tack on another $12 or so… I do like it (fine, I love it, I’m just a little bitter), let’s see what happens when I am done with this bottle!


Thanks for stopping by ❀

18 thoughts

  1. Such a good in-depth review! I was always worried it would be super harsh, but sounds like it isn’t too bad. Yeah, the price tag will always be a deterrent to buying it. Hopefully, they will have samples available soon where I live.

    1. Thank you!! I know, had I not been able to sample it first I probably wouldn’t have ever bought it. It really isn’t harsh considering what it’s doing, pleasantly surprised. Thanks for the feedback 😘

  2. I want to try/buy the ufo oil. I’m up for a bonus around the end of summer for finishing my associate’s degree. I only have two more exams. It’s a nice bonus and I’ll be blowing it at sephora. I might buy a Sunday Riley oil. We will see. So excited. And you’re results are incredible.

      1. Oh. I will. I’m thinking the peach collection as well. I’ll have around 320 to blow through. Technically 350 but I have to take the tax into consideration. Once I get that degree and promotion, I could live a bit more comfortably, get down my debt, and buy things for myself without feeling guilty about it. So looking forward to it and my new place is incredible. I love renting a house until I can afford one of my own. It even has an in ground pool. Sorry I’m bragging now. I’m just so excited. Excuse me now while I’ll shut up.

  3. Great thorough articleπŸ‘ŒπŸΌI went ahead and ordered the 1oz today😁 hopefully the birchbox sample lasts me until it arrives because I am loving it for all the same reasons you are

  4. Ha! Guess what arrived on my doorstep moments after I squeezed the last drop out of the sample 😁 score!!!! I was afraid it was going to be a scam, but nope, got the 1oz for only 63$ 😡

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