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A Lush Valentine

I am not huge into Valentine’s Day – it’s cute and the decorations are always adorable with the teenie hearts and the pink and blah, blah, blah but it just doesn’t do it for me. I’ll put together treat bags and I almost always decorated my classroom but not much outside of that. When I cracked open my LUSH box and realized how many Valentine’s Day items I ordered – I didn’t even know myself. In my defense, rose is my absolute most favourite scent and it has been hi-jacked by Valentine’s Day. All of the good rose stuff is released around V-day and I am a little bitter about it.


When I saw the Love, Love you Lots bar soap – I knew that I had to have one (or two). This little beauty contains 4 different rose ingredients: rose infusion, rose oil, rose syrup and rose petals. Yes – all of this. What is rose syrup – can one eat rose syrup? I don’t know but I do know that I need rose syrup in everything moving forward. Most of my fragrances have rose notes but I feel that rose is a scent that can be worn solo, it has so many layers all on its own.


This soap is a lovely, natural pink that smells incredible – it reminds me of wild roses that we would pick as kids. There is no hint of anything artificial or manufactured with this soap. That is something that I enjoy about roses, so authentic, simple, they don’t need to be dressed up or embellished they are perfect. Except those flashy red ones that are so popular for V-day – too showy for me. Back to the soap, it is also delightfully sudsy for a LUSH product! I find that I am mostly disappointed in the suds factor when it comes to their products but this bar gives you luxurious, dense, senses enveloping head to toe suds. I have not enjoyed a bar soap this much since ever. The suds wash away totally clean but left my skin pleasantly soft and conditioned and so rosy smelling.  I used it before bed, it was simply divine. If you aren’t partial to the scent of roses then this would obviously not be a product for you but if you are a rose fiend like yours truly (or if you like Ro’s Argan/Rose Jam/Pearl) then this is for you! I wear the Ro’s Argan body conditioner everyday and layering this on after my shower heightened the rose fragrance ten times over. My only complaint is that I’m kinda’ not crazy about glycerol based soaps – I’d like to see more coconut milk based soaps from them but alas.


I love it, I need more – I am probably going to order more 😛 How many bars of soap does one need for an entire year’s supply, I ask you?!

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