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Best of January

PSA – Mario Badescu dropped  a new facial spray, don’t worry – I ordered 5 bottles (2, I ordered 2) and cannot wait to share my thoughts! I don’t know if the rose one can be beat but we shall see! Yikes – 4 days until the end of January and I guess that it’s now acceptable to post a Best Of blog! This might be a long one but that means it was good month, right?!

I am starting with skincare; this year (and every year) I convince myself that I will be dedicated to beautiful skin – I take care of my skin, I am no stranger at the dermatologist and know pretty well what products work for me but I still have issues. I go through stretches of really great skin and then what seems like month long breakouts. My skin tends to stop cooperating with fav products and I am almost always looking for something new. One moisturizer that has stuck with me from oily days, dry days, spotty days and all of the days in between is the Glossier Priming Moisturizer. This is a mild, everyday, nothing fancy moisturize that does exactly what it should – moisturizes my face and provides a plump, primed canvas for makeup. It doesn’t make my face feel oily and provides just the amount of moisture that I need but it is also buildable so if you need more, just slather it on.


Another offering from this brand that I love and am on my 3rd round of are The Supers – these are face serums that offer different benefits. Super Pure (blemishes) Super Bounce (added moisture) and Super Glow (brightening) and I use them in rotation depending on what I need for the day. These serums are quick absorbing and are a nice addition to any skin care routine. If you purchase the pack together, you save $19. Glossier overall offers really nice, affordable products and I haven’t been disappointed with them so far.

I am tearing through this oil cleanser from Palmer’s and it is stressing me out! This was really hard to find – my local drug stores tend to have every other product in the line, I better start scouting now as I am due to run out soon! I think I mentioned it before, it is mild but takes off my 10 coats of mascara with a few swipes and it doesn’t stink or leave my skin greasy. I use this as the first step in my cleanse routine, really lovely.


I used the Infallible Matte foundation almost exclusively this month – which was not great news for the 1/2 dozen other foundations that I own but I am nearing the end of the tube! For $12.99 this foundation is a perfect shade match, lasts all day and provides all of the coverage that I need. I am very impressed but I won’t be repurchasing until I make a dent in some others in my collection 🙁


I forget how much I love Milani single shadows until I am in a jam and nothing wants to work for me and I pull them out – they are just fantastic. My most used shades this month were bronze, gold, champagne, sand and ivory.


Primer may not  be something that everyone goes gaga for but I am such a primer junkie, the Magic Lumi Primer was a savior this month. October – March, I never feel like I am getting enough sleep and this primer does well at brightening my under eyes and keeping extra concealer in place. It is thick and I wouldn’t wear it all over my face as it is a tad shimmery, but 1 teenie pump is plenty for both eyes.


I have way too many palettes, my beauty closet is a nightmare at the moment – my most reached for palette was the Manny MUA palette because it is just perfect. I used others of course but I so love this one.

I think for lips – anything nude was doing it for me this month, I wore pinker shades on a couple of occasions and just wasn’t into it. I just bought another handful of the Lip Lingerie lippies, they are giving a few high-end brands a run for their money.

I won’t lie, the Better Than Sex mascara isn’t a favourite but I have 4 deluxe samples that I have to use up and 2 full size so I have been trying to use it everyday. Every. Single. Day. I  just don’t love it until I have on about 3 coats and that means that it doesn’t quite do what it is supposed to.


I just have to say that I hated my hair all month long, the only reason that I would ever remove my tattoos would be so that I could wear my hair up at work. But I am still loving this hairbrush/flat iron thing – so easy to use and it’s quick!

I purchased a bottle of Shalimar back at the beginning of December? I can’t recall but I am down to the last couple of uses. Sad face. I don’t often have this one on hand, it is a very distinct scent and I go through phases of loving it. My mom wore Shalimar, it is just one of those things – it isn’t my signature scent but when I love it, I really love it.

As mentioned, I adore my Ro’s Argan – I don’t use it as often in the summer but it is the perfect remedy to dry, winter skin. I am on my second tub this year – eek. Yea, I use a lot 😛


Obviously, a big part of this month was subscription boxes – I don’t have a favouite one quite yet but these are something that I have been keen to get into for ages and finally did it.

I lived in these booties, I wore the black pair most often as they just go with anything and they made switching my bags easy but the brown and taupe were also getting a ton of wear. They are very comfy, easy to do pretty much anything in and I think I paid $20 bucks or so – they have gone up in price but I think they are still worth it!

I think that’s it, at least everything that comes to mind – what made your month fabulous?

Thanks for stopping by <3


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