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Rain in January – now, I am not a terribly religious person but I am extremely superstitious and there was something so ominous about today. The fog and the rain, the sky is blanketed with pitch black clouds – I can’t even see the lights of Minneapolis from my suburb. It reminds of when the dementors are mating in Half-Blood Prince and it blankets London in mist and fog, gives me the creeps. Just a very strange day – I should have just stayed home.

I had one of those encounters today where your past is suddenly standing right in front of you and if there was a right or wrong way to have handled that – I BLEW IT.


I have only dated 2 men in my life, I never dated in high school and didn’t meet my boyfriend of 8 years until my freshman year in college. That relationship came to an ugly end a little over 4 years ago and all ties were cut, phone numbers changed, emails blocked, – you name it, I tucked it away forever ensuring no chance of reconciliation. I’ve not seen him since, until today when I was blissfully reaching for my Friday latte and that slo-mo movie thing happened, nnnnnnooooooo. All sound was blocked out except for my blood rushing in my ears. Obviously my only option was to behave completely irrational,Β  I railed on the gas and hightailed it out of there sans the latte I had just paid for. I can’t say for sure if I squealed my tires or not but I imagined that I did, or I was really screaming and didn’t realize it. Then I hit a patch of ice at the stop sign and slid through the intersection. The only thing that I didn’t do was slap the latte out of his hands πŸ˜€


And why? IΒ  have no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed, I don’t hate him – I don’t have the capacity for hate. He can rot in Hades but I don’t hate him πŸ˜› All I had to do was take the coffee and go but I totally lost it. I guess that it is just one of those things that you can’t really prepare for because you don’t want it to ever happen. In the future, I hope that I can behave more maturely and with a bit more class as apparently Minneapolis is way smaller than I had thought.


Moral of the story – I can never get coffee there ever again. I may never get drive through coffee anywhere, ever again so I purchased this tumbler from Starbucks for all the home brewed coffee I will be drinking. It is Valentine’s Day themed – how fitting. I’ll be back with Sample Saturday, hopefully I will recognize my cool and collected adult self in the AM πŸ˜€

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  • Dee

    I have a few of those in my life that make me feel like I can never go somewhere again because of the chance of running into them. You are not alone in that. Irrational? Sure. But we have to protect ourselves. <3

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