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First Impressions: UD Optical Illusion Primer

I am trying to get into American Gothic and I just don’t know if I am feeling it or not…? It seems like they were going for a dark comedy, zany series in the first episode and then it took a turn to drama but it still seems like the acting is just really bad and none of that was intended. Is anyone else watching this? Does it get better? The acting I mean, or does it stay offbeat?I am kind of relieved that there is only 1 season. In other news, I am starting a new series, MOTD Mondays where I will share what products I used for the day and a pic of my mug. I kinda’ want one of those ring lights but don’t know if those work and that would make me feel like a total basic you know what 😛 But seriously, does anyone know if those work? I hope that these new posts will be enjoyable!



I have a thing for primer, it is one of my most purchased products and I love trying new primers. Prior to my 20’s I did not use primer (eek) but now have no idea what I was thinking. Primer is essential in keeping my makeup fresh and skin happy under all of my day to day makeup. I knew I had to try at least one of the complexion primers from Urban Decay. I’m already a fan of their Primer Potions and figured that any of the new formulas would be an excellent addition to my collection. I was keen on the Optical Illusion formula as it claims to be smoothing and is formulated with rose and argan oils. While trying to embrace my skin’s texture I would still like it to be a little more even.

Out of the box, I like the packaging and the pump but I don’t see this being terribly easy to travel with as it is so long. Not a deal breaker, I probably won’t ever travel with anything that isn’t in a plastic squeeze tube after the foundation debacle. The cost is on par with other luxury brands at $34 for .95 ounces. So how does it stack up? First off, you need a pea size amount or less – this stuff is thick and I found that using  more than that made it near impossible to disperse evenly. I dotted on small amounts on different areas of my face and then blended out. Second, it is pink in the tube and it was just as pink on my face. I am unsure if this is the optical illusion part but this product left a noticeable pink cast on my face and I was worried that it would make my foundation look too pink. Lastly, I could definitely feel the oil in this primer which should not have come as a surprise but it felt like I had just mixed my regular primer with some face oil. The oils do make it smell really pleasant. It only took a few minutes for the primer to dry down and absorb so I wasn’t too worried about the effect the oil would have on my foundation. After the initial shock of how pink the product was, I did like the way that my foundation applied. This primer didn’t do anything to improve the texture of my skin though, perhaps it is something that needs to be worn religiously to see improvement but I was disappointed with how much my pores showed. It wore pretty much like any other primer that I own, over the course of the day I didn’t notice any major creasing or break up of my foundation.


Overall, not blown away with this product but it is a nice primer to have on hand and I won’t have any issues using it up. Would I recommend? Eh, if you need an everyday primer this will do the job but don’t expect anything incredible. Thanks for stopping by <3


  • The Product Mom

    Nice review, I love their primer potion, so it is a shame this isn’t too extraordinary. I just recently got a ring light and I love it! I have no good lighting in my house, so I would always use natural light right by a window for pics, which worked fine, but the lighting was always inconsistent and the weather and time of day obviously affected that. So now that I have the ring light, I have perfect lighting at any time. The one I got was only $70-$80 on Amazon.

    • stella

      Thank you 😊 I know, at least we have their original primer potions to rely on. Good to know! I really think I need one, I have the same lighting issues. I’m going to check a few out, thanks for sharing!

  • CrazyJess

    I haven’t tried it yet but want to. But if you can still see your pores then it would be pointless as that is what I’m trying to prime and conceal. Good post 👍

    • stella

      Right? That is exactly why I purchased it, honestly when using it today it kind of reminded me of a color corrector rather than a primer. I’ll use it, just not what I was hoping for. Thanks for reading 🙂

  • llindaxxo

    Great review! When I saw that UD came out with new products and new packaging for some of their already popular products, I was really excited and wasn’t sure if it was worth the buy to try them. After reading your review, I think I’ll pass on the primers, but I love their setting sprays! I also saw that they came out with prep/primer sprays. I wonder if those are any good…. 🙂

    • stella

      The new packaging is so pretty and sleek! I took a peek but have some old product that I need to go through yet! Yea, I think that their original Primer Potions are much better in comparison to the new one I picked up. I’m not sure but the prep sprays certainly look interesting – I might still give them a whirl 🙂

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