January Wantable

Fair warning – this isn’t beauty related! I received a wantable Fitness subscription for my birthday. This is a monthly subscription box filled with articles of clothing, accessories or beauty items that have been curated by your personal stylist. You pay a $20 styling fee that is applied to your total cost of the items kept. You get 5 days to return anything you aren’t crazy about. They include a return label and envelope in your box, you just drop it off or arrange a USPS pick-up. You fill out your profile, tell them what you like and dislike, your sizes and any specific notes that you would like to include. Super fancy. I picked the fitness box because spring is just around the corner and I can start running outside again but wanted some stylish gear. I never find quite what I am looking for in stores, I want the prints and chic yoga tops, not the neon and compression clothing – it just isn’t for me.

To start, I requested neutrals in my profile but am pretty disappointed that all of the items received are either black or grey. I include maroons, navy, dark browns and even deep purples in my neutrals category – I really just didn’t want any neon. I plan to leave a note for my next box and hope that helps! Here are the items that I received, I am including images from their site as I apparently live in Seattle and there is no good lighting anywhere.

South Street Long Sleeve in Ombre Blue (image from site is in white) Retail: 48.00 I don’t think this shirt is blue but it is a very pretty grey with specks of white, it is super soft too and the sleeves aren’t too short for me. I love, love the shoulder cutouts – they are a little flashy but don’t show too much skin. I am keeping this item, it will be great for yoga.

Impulse Performance Long Sleeve Retail: $58.00 Big no on this one, it is made of that super slippery athletic material that rolls up if you breath too hard.

Long Sleeve Twist Back Top (image from site is in blue) Retail: $59.00 No on this one too, it feels like a maternity top and the cut out exposes most of my back – it just seems impractical. The design doesn’t take away from it being totally boring.

Cyberia Bra Ombre Blue/Black Retail: $54.00 Negative for this one too, it is boring and the material is way too stiff to be comfortable – it felt like a straight jacket on.

Halo Bra Black Retail: $54.00 This is super cute, I love the avant-garde seams and detailing. It is just plain black but very comfortable and the added details sold it for me. I am keeping this one.

Corey Vines The Path Leggings Retail: $55.00 and Path Balance Leggings Retail $55.00 – No and no, they are just flat black leggings of which I own 50 pairs already. I was most excited to see what leggings I would get so this is a total let down!


If I were to keep everything it would be a grand total of $383.00 minus my styling fee – honestly, I could find cuter things for cheaper at JCPenney ๐Ÿ˜› I will leave some notes on what I would like to see in my next box and see what happens. For a subscription that I knew nothing about I don’t feel that 2/7 is too bad! I do like their app a ton, you can post photos of your pieces and request pieces that you like for your next box from other subscribers. I see fancy leggings all over the place and have requested a few already!

Have you tried a sub box similar to this or have any to recommend? Let me know!

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