Maneater Mascara

My makeup was very distracting today and not in a fierce, fierce work-it kinda’ way – I tried and failed using liquid eyeliner yet again. I hate looking a t my face and just seeing makeup, I am just not a fan of the way liquid liner looks on me. I don’t even know why I tried it randomly, lesson learned – maybe. Probably not.

I really like mascara, I like it so much in fact that I have skipped lash extensions on a few occasions because I just enjoy wearing mascara too much. I never have enough mascara, I am always trying new formulas, mixing formulas and you get the idea. tarte (are you tired of hearing about them yet) recently released Maneater a stunning,triple black mascara that boasts 23 times the volume. I don’t even know what that means but I was sold. Plus the gold tube with purple leopard print – yes, all of that please.


The brush is very luxe with loads of teenie bristles that work to disperse product onto each and every lash. It even has little bristles that stick straight out on the end, I have been using them to darken up my lower lashes and add extra product onto the very tips of my lashes. The formulas is very smooth, non-clumpy and while it says you only need 2 coats I layer on 4 with stunning results. My lashes look phat and lush and best of all, even with all of that product it doesn’t flake or transfer. It is amazing, it is one of my new favourite formulas and I totally recommend!

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