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Talk about freezing! The wind chill is completely miserable and everything is coated in ice from the freezing drizzle yesterday. I love winter but can understand why so many people hate it when it gets like this.



A few posts ago I mentioned that Tarte has mastered the rich, buttery, metallic eyeshadow and I was talking  about their metallic eye shadow singles in particular. Currently, there are 11 different pans and they retail for $14 each. I don’t own a lot of single pan shadows but in comparison to UD singles you are getting .5 more grams for 5 bucks less – that isn’t a bad deal. The big question was if they were comparable quality wise. I purchased the gold (hussy) and copper (scandal) pans when they hit the ULTA website a few months ago, there weren’t any reviews and I was curious to see what their take on this trend would be. I went with 2 safe shades, I wear tons of gold and copper eye makeup and if the quality turned out to be meh, I figured that I could use them in some fashion.


I had to do a double take on the pan size, I thought that there had to be much less product than advertised but the packaging is very minimal in comparison to UD or Milani single shadows and you really are getting more product. The packaging is underwhelming, they are just round black plastic compacts with a clear lid. The boxes they came in were fabulous so maybe I was anticipating more of the same. They aren’t ugly, just nothing to write home about – it seems as though they would be good for popping out and putting into a palette though. As for the shade range, it is fairly limited and Tarte claims that these will be limited edition so not likely that the shade selection will be expanded.


As for the actual product – these shadows are amazing! I was totally impressed by the pigmentation and lack of fall out; you get a lot of shimmer without the chunky flakes. I cannot get enough of Hussy, it is the perfect gold shadow – I use a little for highlight during the daytime and a lot for total glam in the evening. Not too orange, not too yellow – just right for a gold shadow. If you already own a million gold shadows but cannot get enough or you need a gold shadow, this one would be an excellent pick up. Having such luck with these 2 shades, I picked up the remaining except for Pin-Up, I just don’t need another all over colour. The rest of the shades are all fairly versatile, the only shade that I am struggling to use is Grind (described as taupey silver) it makes me look hungover and not that sultry, just woke up hung over. Is that a thing? A sultry hangover, I don’t know but it looks bizarre on me.


I still think that the UD Moondust shadows are the best metallic shadow currently available but these metallic shades from Tarte are a close second. Like I said, they truly mastered the creamy metallic – all the shimmer without the grit. I would like to see more shades but am not holding my breath; I am pleased with what I have now!


They are limited edition so if you want to give them a whirl you better act quickly!
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