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Just over here testing lipstick, watching the 9th Doctor (I feel like everyone skips, Eccleston and it is a travesty) and staying the hell away from Facebook, my feed has seemingly become a contest of petulance. Sometimes I feel guilty for getting on here and posting as a blog about makeup seems trivial in comparison to so many other things. But for one hour it provides me the opportunity to escape, partake in camaraderie and discover new ideas and experiences. And I love that and I won’t feel guilty about it (well, not too guilty).


I have quite a few products to talk about from the NYX sale and I thought I would share my thoughts on the Soft Matte Lip Cream lippies today as well as post a few swatches from the lip liners that I talked about in an earlier post. I did order a few more online and realize now that I did not pick up a single nude! They are all pinks and purples, oops. I know that many swear by these lip creams but I’m not crazy about them. The colour saturation is fantastic and very vibrant, they are easy to use, there are loads of shades but they don’t dry down! Shame on me, maybe that is why they added the soft part but it makes them a little harder to wear. The formula is very whipped, they feel really nice on the lips so I do enjoy wearing them and just have to remember to touch up more often and check my teeth πŸ˜› I picked up Copenhagen, San Paulo, Milan and Tokyo. I think my fav is San Paulo – it is a nice rose shade. I also appreciate that many of these lip creams have coordinating liners, it takes the guessing game out of what one should purchase. Here are the lippies in action:


As for the Suede Matte Lip Liners, I really do enjoy these – they are very nice and opaque, very easy to apply and extend the wear of my lip products. I also love that they make my lippie appear more vibrant, I think they are fantastic all around and at only $3.49 (or $2 roughly when you buy on BOGO) they are well worth it. Now, I have not tried a lot of lip liners so I cannot say that these are the best ever but they are very smooth, come in loads of shades and just wear really nice. Here is a shot of some swatches including those mentioned in my previous post:




I like both products just not the biggest fan of the creams, I wish I had snagged more true nudes though! For the cost, you cannot beat the quality.

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • dolledupbyj

    Great picks! I didn’t even see that NYX released suede matte lipliners! I’ve just been using my slim lip liners from them for months. Definitely going to have to pick up the suede ones!!! xo J

    • stella

      I never knew either – they look so similar and then I noticed the labels and the matte part intrigued me. They are really nice, no idea how they compare to the Slim Liners but definitely worth a check out!

  • ayrgalaxy

    I’ll definitely have to pick up the lip liners, I’m in need of some. Funny thing is all my lip liners are practically nude lol.
    And that’s too bad that they’re not drying down for you. They dry pretty fast for me. I also try not to layer them too much so the first layer also has time to dry down. If that’s not the case, then perhaps it’s the batch?
    Even if it’s not you have them a shot. No two products work the same for two people. πŸ™‚

    • stella

      Yes – definitely check out the liners, there are lots of shades. That is interesting, I am wondering if maybe I am just putting too much on – I tend to be a little heavy handed πŸ˜€ I will keep working with them – so many people rave about them, I want to love them too!! Thanks for the tips πŸ™‚

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