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Today was the day, it was -10 degrees when my alarm went off at 5 and I didn’t rush to jump out of bed and finally talked myself into using dry shampoo. I don’t know what I think, I liked being able to set my hair in rollers while I did my face and not washing and drying saved me some time but my hair looks different. Not in a bad way, I am sure that nobody else would even notice and I just notice because I know that I did something out of the usual. Dry shampoo has definitely changed since I last used it (looking at you Batiste, which is apparently amazing now) and I dunno, we’ll see if this sticks. I kinda’ want to pick up a can of Batiste just for old times sake 😀

The Sweet Peach collection has  been everywhere for some time now and as many are already aware, TooFaced added products to this line with lip oils, a complexion palette and the resurrection of a vintage blusher. I honestly did not (still don’t) understand the mass hysteria around this palette, it was cute and smelled like peaches but nothing that I had to have and I was way more interested in the complexion palette and blusher. Also, I wear a lot of peach tones meaning that I have loads of peach-y eye colours already. Lack of interest did not stop me from putting these items on my birthday wish list and I received the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette and the Sweet Peach Glow Complexion Palette. Since I wanted to try a little bit of everything from the collection, I picked up a few Sweet Peach Lip Oils and the Papa Don’t Peach blusher. To the products! I am not delighted with these photos but I did order a ring light so look forward to much better photos soon 🙁


That packaging! How stinking cute are those little peaches, while I still don’t adore the metal type packaging I do think they are very sturdy and look totally adorable on my vanity. The scent is not what I was expecting, I read many a review that said this line smelled like those gummy peach candies (gag) and it does smell a tad saccharine but not to that degree. Good news here, it did not turn vomity smelling on my skin – I was legit worried about this as some perfumes turn totally awful on me. Again, do these products taste like peaches – anyone? I mean, they do right? Full points for packaging and not smelling like vomit candy.


The shadow palette, which I was least enthused about contains 18 chiclet sized pans and does offer a variety of mattes, satins and shimmer-esque shades. What I was most excited to see was that you get all of your peaches but also some really stunning purples and gorgeous, neutral mattes. It is definitely a warmer palette but depending on how you combine the shades, you can attain a variety of looks. I have been wearing this palette exclusively since I received it and haven’t felt like I was  wearing exactly the same look each day. The mattes are perfect, I love the way they blend and wear – no complaints here. As for the shimmers, I did experience a little bit of kick-up and had to use a setting spray on my brush and the metallic-ish purple (Talk Derby to Me) was a little chunky and a tad patchy. Other than those few issues, the formula is very pigmented, wears well and certainly lasts all day. This palette is very nice quality however, I still don’t understand the hysteria around it – I just don’t feel that it is a must have. But honestly, does one ever need another palette 😛 I am delighted to own it and you cannot beat the quality.


The Sweet Peach Glow complexion palette on the other hand was one that I felt like I needed. You get a highlight and bronzer that are roughly the size of a stick of gum and a luminous blusher that is about the size of a regular square post-it. (I am trying to be more specific with sizes, I’ve ordered a few things recently that have left me – WTF? Online photos can be deceiving). The reviews on this palette are all over the place depending on where you purchase it from – I love it. There have been complaints that the bronzer is orange, it isn’t your gorgeous Chocolate Soleil shade but it isn’t orange, I find it to be a touch peach (shocking) – don’t contour with this stuff. That being said, nowhere in the product descriptions that I have read does it state that this palette is for contouring – it is recommended to use all over the face for a healthy glow and this is just what it does. I have a bit of a peach undertone and this bronzer imparts a really nice, warm, lit from within glow and I have zero complaints. The highlighter is great for my fair (talking transparent) skin but I could definitely see how it would not be pigmented enough for some. The luminous blush is shimmery, I wear really matte foundation and I like the way it livens up my complexion so it works for me. I love a matte blusher but this is absolutely wearable, it is not a glitter bomb. I was going HAM the day that I got these and layered on both blushers – maybe don’t do that 😀 This palette is adorable, I love all of the pans and they are pressed with cute little peaches – totally worth it.


To the blusher! I also told myself that I need the Papa Don’t Peach blusher – let’s take a moment here, does anyone remember when Kelly Osbourne covered Madonna’s song and MTV aired the making of the video and then it sucked? It was bad. Anyway, when I cracked this one open I thought that it was going to be way too dark for me as it looks really dark in the pan but it applied just lovely. This blusher is also shimmery, I have paired it with a matte blusher and liked that but it is perfectly pretty all on its own too. I like it, I don’t own something quite like this and think it is a great addition.


Admittedly, I am not a gloss gal most of the time and was not impressed with the online swatches of this product. Gloss just doesn’t do much for my lips and I end up using them as toppers to sheer out really drying lipstick but I wanted to try the entire line so here we are. I picked up 4 because I couldn’t decide on which ones that I wanted and in hindsight it is probably due to the fact that all of the shades are just so similar. Out of all of the peach scented products, these are the least peachy and actually tasted and smelled terrible when I applied them on my Burt’s Bees. It was totally bizarre how acrid this made these taste and smell, it stung a little! I put Burt’s under everything but now I know. On their own you just get a hint of peach and they do taste sweet, I dunno – I never understood the flavoured lip product phenomenon. I mentioned this gloss being high maintenance and I feel this way because I absolutely must have something on under this stuff. It is just crazy slippery and accentuates every little line in my lips – I have pretty line-y (that isn’t a word but I don’t think wrinkly is the right word) lips but never have this issue with gloss. I reach for gloss when my lips are dry and I just want some colour and life but I cannot us these glosses in the same fashion. I have been wearing them over my Balm DotCom or Vaseline lip stuff and the colour pay off isn’t really much of anything until you get to the 3rd or 4th layer. Yea, you really have to build this stuff and you feel it! It reminds me of a gel or something, I don’t get an oil feel from these at all. I don’t feel that they are moisturizing even though they are formulated with vitamin E and coconut oil.They just don’t really do much of anything – I am not crazy about them and I don’t think they are worth $19 a pop. Cute packaging though and I do like the flat, long wand but other than that – meh.



Overall, this is a very versatile, flattering and totally adorable collection and I like it enough that I would recommend if you are into these shades and even if you aren’t, I bet you would still find something to love! Out of the entire collection, my favourite piece is the Glow Kit – I have been using it daily in a variety of ways and it just adds enough something to my complexion.

This was super wordy and I hope that the pictures broke it up a little, I could never vlog as I know that I would just ramble and ramble about nothing 😀

Did you or are you going to snag anything from the collection? Thanks for stopping by <3


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