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Sample Saturday – pixi

2017 will be my year of serious skincare, I’ve always taken extra precautions with my skin and have a solid routine but I’m 30 now and I think it is time to add some things that I’ve not done routinely. This year I want to focus on clearing some areas of texture on my chin and nose that I feel that I have struggled with since ever. I’ve been researching lots of peels and resurfacing products but I have super sensitive skin and have to tread carefully. I’ve already stumbled on a fantastic face wash from my first Birchbox and now I have found another product that I am really enjoying. This one might shock you, it certainly did me – I have been using the Glow Tonic To Go pads every other night and I’m so impressed. I am not a fan of the tonic, it burns my face so how am I such a fan of the pads? I used the sample pads that I received just around my jawline, chin and t-zone and it felt great – no irritation. I took the plunge and used one all over my face and it still felt great, no sign of excessive redness or irritation. I was totally baffled, the ingredients are exactly the same – 5% glycolic acid, ginseng and aloe but I really think they are less potent. Just from the smell they seem less potent than the original product but they still give you that fabulous glow. If you like that really potent effect of the original Glow Tonic these might be a tad mild for you but I love them. I would recommend for anyone with sensitive skin similar to mine. They still slough off loads of dead skin and my skin feels so smooth, I thought that I was doing well with exfoliating but this has been the missing step. The secret is glycolic acid which is an effective treatment for fine lines, blackheads, acne, dullness and oiliness – if you can find a product that your skin can tolerate then it truly is a wonder product.


Overall I love these, I love the travel friendly concept, the pad delivery makes it easy to not waste product and pinpoint problem areas and my skin is loving them. I use them every other evening and you must, must wear sunscreen as you are literally removing skin and will be more susceptible to sunburn. The recommended use does say that you can use them AM or PM so do what best works for you. I bought these at Target, you get 60 pre-soaked pads for $18 which is pretty comparable to the amount of product that you get in the bottle.


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  • thedevenlee

    I got these from birchbox too- haven’t used em yet, when there are only a couple uses I tend to “hoard” my samples for a bit 🙄I also will be receiving a sample of the Tonic in a Birchbox order (Bought the Dry Shampoo Starter Kit, sidenote:my new obsession since receiving Klorane in bb 😁)by using code PIXITONIC. I have a lot of clogging around my jawline so I’m thinking I’ll use it there. Thank you for the review, you may have inspired me
    To use one of the pads tonight ✨

    • stella

      Haha! I was so miffed that I received them that I think I just wanted to get it over with 😀 But they did come at a time where I wanted to start getting more into products like these so that was part of my motivation. My jawline is a problem area for me too and these are really making an improvement. I hope that you love them <3

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