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The Not So Best of 2016

I am hesitant to call these products or any products the worst because that feels a tad dramatic and what didn’t work for me might be someone else’s favourite product. But when you buy as much makeup as I did this last year, you are bound to find some duds and I certainly did. This post is in no way meant to dissuade anyone from trying these products out, these are simply my opinions.

1 – TooFaced – Hangover Replenishing Primer We knew this would be on here. I am still bummed because it smells so fantastic and that initial application feels fabulous but this just does not work for me. After having posted about how much I disliked this primer, I was even more bummed when so many beauties told me that they love this one! I would love to love it but I simply cannot. *Update here, since having stopped using a gel moisturizer, this primer pills a lot less. Interesting, I may come around to this one yet.


2 – Urban Decay – Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer – The shade is bad, the application is so dry and textured. It doesn’t last, creases like a nightmare and it smells odd. I have watched so many videos of this one in action and I am always left wondering – how?! Honestly, hates it.



3 – Tarte – Double Duty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation  Remember this one? Remember!? I was so excited to receive this lovely jar of supposedly the best foundation ever in existence. I still have the jar as I never returned it and once in awhile I try to give it another go and am always disappointed. In my original review, I mostly talked about the shade being so off but as I have worn it more I have also noticed how much it settles in my lines. It feels so wonderful but it looks hideous. Skip it.


4 – TooFaced x NikkieTutorials  Just the palette on this one, I love everything else that came in the kit but the palette just doesn’t do it for me. I already talked about it, the overall quality isn’t there and it is hard to work with. This palette actually put me off from buying any of their bigger palettes.



5 – Pixi Glow Tonic – Pixi by Petra One word – owwwwww. I realize that this is supposed to be a resurfacing product but it stung and burnt my face like no other. I had major blotches of red skin for weeks, literally weeks after having used this one or two times. I have a full bottle as I bought it on a whim after reading rave reviews and it is definitely not for me. I did try it on only a teenie portion of my face but it was fine, I didn’t run into issues until I tried at all over. Sad face.


6 – Anastasia Beverly Hills – Ultimate Glow Kit I have yet to use this one more than the 1/2 dozen times that it took me to test each pan. The texture is so powdery and chalky, I am unsure if I will ever be able to use it. It does not impart a dewy glow, it provides a chunky, glitter sheen that is so obviously fake. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it breaks up over the course of the day and all but disappears.



7 – Urban Decay – All Nighter Foundation As someone who wanted more foundation options from their favourite brand, I was over the moon for this when it came out. I mean, of course it was going to be amazing. From the gorgeous bottle to the perfect shade match, I was totally blown away by how much I dislike this foundation. It looks great for oh, 45 minutes and then it oxidizes, cakes up, creases and bleh. If you have any blemishes or dry skin, sure this foundation will cover the discoloration but it will highlight the texture 10 times over. This is a huge disappointment for me.

8 – TooFaced – Sketchmarkers (brown, navy and green) Dang, this is the 3rd offering from this brand that is making my list. I do really like most of the items that I have picked up from this brand and I don’t feel that these few products represent them as a whole but ah well. The black eyeliner from this line is perfect so naturally I assumed that all of the shades would be the same – nope. For some reason, theses 3 colours apply very patchy and they flake off if you add too much and doing this is easy since you want to fill in the bare patches. Again, what is this phenomenon where some shades are perfect and others are terrible? The black is excellent but the colours – meh.


9 – Urban Decay – Naked Smoky Palette I have used this palette maybe 1 time? Part of this is my fault, I should have known that I would not use this one that often, I look like a complete doofus with a smoky eye. I bought it thinking that I could use it for just regular looks too – nope, the shades do not appeal to me at all. The Naked and Naked II palettes are much better quality in my opinion, there is just something off about this palette and it looks so sad and unused 🙁

10 – Clinique – Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder First off, sheer it is not and second, I ordered the shade Invisible and it isn’t that either! I cannot remember why I bought this, I seem to recall really heavy humidity and wanting something that would keep my foundation from melting off. This powder was so orange and cakey, I don’t know who would even be able to wear this one. I like the pretty green compact but I returned it after 1 use, a product has to be pretty awful for me to return it as I have a pretty hard and fast no-return policy.

Not too shabby really when I consider all of the new items that I discovered and love, you are bound to have a few misses 🙂

Thanks for stopping by <3


    • stella

      Eh, I did find a lot of products that I really liked this year so there had to be some duds 🙂 I struggled with a few Too Faced products and this one was a bummer! Thanks for reading!!

  • thoughtfulpigeon

    Great post, pity they didn’t work out for you though. I’d have the Pixi glow tonic on my best of list but I know it seems to be one your skin either loves or hates, I’m yet to see someone who’s in the middle about it. Too Faced do seem a bit hit and miss, one of their palettes is one I go to a lot but the others I’ve bought have been disappointing.

    • stella

      Right – it is quite popular, at least I tried 😊 Agreed, their products are a bit unreliable but so spendy that I hate to keep trying them not knowing what the outcome will be 😞 Thanks for reading!

      • thoughtfulpigeon

        Yeah, Too Faced are a bit expensive to keep trying if they’re unreliable. I got mine when they were in Boots and I’d use my points. I wish they were still sold there, I don’t know any physical stores near me that sell them to swatch them first.

        • stella

          I get what you mean – I much prefer to swatch before buying. I might try another if I come upon a sale or offer but who knows – their collabs seem to miss the mark.

  • makeupandmegan

    i’ve heard only horrible things about that too faced palette, but i really recommend trying them again. I have waaaay too many eyeshadow palettes and my too faced chocolate bon bons is my absolute favourite out of so many. don’t be put off! great post though- loved the satc reference 😂 xx

    • stella

      Thank you 😀 I’ve heard loads of great things about their other palettes and probably shouldn’t have started with this one! I have not seen the Chocolate Bon Bons one in action but will keep it in mind, thanks for reading!!

  • Healthy_Glow

    Great post! The UD naked concealer indeed creases so bad… And yes the Too Faced collab is of poor quality too… I stopped following Nikki on YouTube too, feeling she is not honest with product reviews.

    • stella

      Thank you! Glad I’m not the only one who struggled. Really?! Interesting – I’ve seen the clips of her using this palette and it’s seriously like a completely different product. I’m skeptical as well, I liked a lot of beauty gurus when they were just doing looks but now it seems to be all product placement and endorsements. I get that they need to make money but many of us followers supported them before all of that anyway 😞

  • hansenra875

    TooFaced limited stuff isn’t great quality. There’s a noticeable difference between the permanent stuff and the limited release items. The holiday collections aren’t great, the Nikki palette is terrible. That said the Chocolate Bar palettes are stellar (including the peach one), Better Than Sex is my holy grail mascara, and the Melted and Melted Matte lipsticks are killer.

    • stella

      I’m still really considering the Peach palette- thanks for sharing! I’ve been curious to know if it is a fault in theit collabs and not all of their shadows. Agreed, I love that mascara too but have not tried the lipsticks. Now I’m curious, thanks for the info 😊

  • onabeautybudget

    Finally, I found someone else who doesn’t like the Too Faced Hangover Primer.

    I have seen so many great reviews on this product it was hard to give it away…

    Loved this post 🙂

    • Stella

      Thank you 🙂 Yes, just didn’t love it and so many people rave about it! I still have an almost full tube and try to use it once in awhile – nope. Thanks for reading <3

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