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The Not So Best of January

To start, Ben  Wishaw could be the next doctor – shut up. Officially, there are 15 other contenders but who cares about them.  Well, I would take Rupert Grint but won’t he always be Ron? Idris Elba would be kick ass too but I’d rather see him in a Bond movie. And can I throw Ryan Cartwright out there? He was perfect as Nigel in Bones, I was bummed with how and when he left πŸ™ Anyway, so many not so best things from January but I am sticking to the beauty related stuff here πŸ˜› Truly, it was a pretty great month for discovering new products that are really working for me but there were a few duds – let’s get to them!

I did a first impressions post on the UD Optical Illusion Primer and at that time, I had only used it once or twice, I was kinda’ not feeling it but thought that I would figure out how to make it work for me. Update – I hate it. I finally figured out what the texture reminds me of, diaper cream! It is so thick and a tad chalky and it creates a very white cast on my skin. It also smells weird, it is hard to blend and it makes my skin feel tight. I have never experienced such feelings for a primer, but this stuff is the worst. I honestly have no idea how I am going to use it. Just stick to the original primer potions, which now that I am thinking about it – they better not be discontinuing!


I bought this powder because my fav beauty guru said it was am-azing (I am about done with beauty gurus) and the Infallible Pro-Matte Powder is just not that great. Said guru recommended using a small brush to set oily areas – I was like, great – I can do that. I did that and it was terrible, the lightest shade shows up really salmon on me and it is so drying. My under eyes felt parched and it did nothing to keep my oil at bay which is weird because it was obviously super matte. Explain this to me. I did get this on offer so I am not too upset about it aside from the plastic waste πŸ™ Does this powder work for anyone?


I bought 3 of these Jordana lip creams as I had never heard of the brand, wanted to try it and this was the only product that was at the counter. I love, love these on and application is a cinch but holy chapped lips! They felt so fantastic on that I never gave chapping a second thought, my lips were shredded after 1 week of wearing these. I exfoliate and treat my lips as I know they are sensitive but this has never happened! I can wear for short periods of time and will probably apply a more heavy duty balm underneath when wearing in the future.


Surprise – more lip stuff!! Why do I even try?! The Infallible Lip Paints just did not work for me and I really like the tube and applicator. I love the applicator but these applied very patchy for me and when I tried to add layers they just got streaky. I wore for a total of 10 minutes and they were non-stop slipping and bunching, I gave up πŸ™ The pigment was totally ho-hum too, and of course I bought 3 but also on offer and can probably give to someone else.


I did not buy this Eyeko Liquid Liner and good thing too because I will never wear this (again). I found the tip to be hard to work with and it kept skipping even though I had primer on.  I don’t feel as though I have really crepe-y eyes and this bled into what lines I do have. This came in a Birchbox and does not deserve a dedicated review, it is just not great or even good.


The last makeup item is dun, dun, dun the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette that I received for my birthday and well, I just don’t love it. I don’t know what this is, I mean I do but how does one use this? The claim is that these duo-chrome powders can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips and wherever else. They are duo-chrome but I feel that it’s to the point that I just cannot wear these on an average day. I experimented with them as lip toppers and I liked that but where would I wear them to? I have no issue with the product to cost ratio, you aren’t getting ABH amount of product but these are supposed to be better quality. I’ve not tried the Moonchild palette but it is on my wish list since I must, must compare the 2. The palette itself is gorgeous, and I even kept the outer box but other than that – what are these?! I will post some swatches when I do a full review, maybe I will have figured out how to use them by then.

This next product, it isn’t that I didn’t like it – it just didn’t do anything. The Pep-Start Eye Cream has a couple of things going for it, the consistency is really nice and light for day use, the tube is cute and you never have to worry about tossing it in  your bag. It is also totally unscented but outside of that, it didn’t de-puff my eyes and I saw no change to any fine lines or anything else for that matter. This eye cream isn’t crazy expensive but it literally did nothing. I could probably rub Crisco on my eyes and get the same results – I am exaggerating but only a little.


I hate it when drugstore brands drop a bunch of new stuff all at once and suddenly you own the entire counter – especially if the brand is on BOGO. L’Oreal released products for heatless styling, I skip drying as often as I can and was so stoked to try this line! I do like 2 of the products but the mousse made my hair sticky and way too flat, then it got really tangled. Not really what I am looking for in hair care πŸ™


I think that’s it and as always, these are products that didn’t work for me. I know that user experience is very personal and can vary wildly, if I listed some of your favs – I am glad that they work for someone out there πŸ™‚

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