Wednesday Reveal – January Birchbox

The State Patrol issued a PSA that drivers should stay off the roads this morning until the snow tapers off  and the wind dies down*eye-roll* Can I just pop down to the nearest station and get a note for that? If you can, yes absolutely stay home but how unrealistic for most people who I dunno, work for a living…? Sheesh. Anyway, it was slick but not as bad as it was hyped up to be. If hypebeast could be translated into news reporters and the media, the meteorologists (don’t make me use air quotes) would be the very definition. Looking at you Sven, get your shit together. That being said, please be safe – take your time, some things just aren’t worth risking your life over.

Guess what came in the mail today – yep, my January Birchbox. I know, I just posted my December box but I pledged to keep up on these beauty subscriptions so here we go! Side note, what do people do with these boxes? I feel like I could repurpose them but into what? Anyway, here we go – for real this time:


Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic To Go – My skin is already cringing, I put the Glow Tonic on my list of not favs for 2016 and am a tad disappointed to have received these. I know that many rave about this product, it makes their skin glow, it is packed with fantastic ingredients, it’s a miracle worker, but it makes my face feel like I am having an allergic reaction. I really like the pad delivery and would almost be tempted to try and use it as a spot treatment since I would be able to control the product more.  I have areas of texture on my chin and nose that I so desperately want to go away but not sure that I want it so badly that I would use this stuff again. We shall see.


Sunday Riley Good Genes All – in – One Lactic Acid Treatment Eek! I am beyond jazzed to have received this. If I could pick a favourite acid, it would be lactic – is that weird to have a favourite acid? I have used it in the past and loved the way that it makes my skin feel but I have not found any one product that I have been able to commit to because they are super spendy. One of my fav beauty gurus says that if you splurge on anything, it should be skin care and I am trying to embrace this more. The full-size of this retails at $105 – holy woah, I am very pleased that I get to give it a trial before I make a decision.


amika Bombshell Blow Out Spray – I love a good blowout balm but have never tried a spray. This spray claims to add texture and volume, both of which I need and I am keen to give this a whirl. It smells really nice, I think I will use it this weekend. I like to save new product testing for the weekends in case something goes bad 😛


Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner  – Eh, I don’ use liquid liners a ton – I think they always turn out looking really bizarre for some reason on me. Maybe my lashes are too sparse? I dunno, I will test it out – maybe I just haven’t found the right liner for me.


Klorane Dry Shampoo – Dang it, are dry shampoos a thing again? I feel like they fell out of fashion and were associated with being super tacky and yet here they are again. I mean, major brands are releasing new dry shampoos so they must have made a come back and I just wasn’t paying attention. I also recall them being super flammable – don’t ask. I will give it a try, I guess but I still have the first one that I haven’t even used yet. Who knows, maybe I will love it.


That’s it! I am loving this subscription so far, I enjoy the mystery and opportunity to try out products that I might not otherwise purchase on my own but end up loving. That being said, I am going to start blogging about any items that I purchase full sizes of after having received them in a subscription box – I already have 2 samples that I blew through and purchased from my first boxes! I think I will post these on Saturdays or Sundays, a goal of mine this year was to give my blog more form. I enjoy various series posts that other bloggers do and I like the structure aspect of it – so looking forward to that! Oooh, maybe Wednesdays will be subscription box reveals but I might have to double up on a couple and this will be dependent on delivery dates? Yea, I went hog wild signing up for boxes and I received one as a gift – the gifted box is actually for athletic wear which I am really excited about and cannot wait to share. Anyway, thanks for stopping by <3






  • thedevenlee

    I’m LOVING the Sunday Riley Lactic Acid stuff and also cringing at the thought of spending 105$ ugh i wish they made a trial size. Maybe we can find it at Ulta or Dermstore and wait for a 20-30% off code?

    • stella

      Me too! I cannot believe how good it is but yea, that price tag is crazy! Agreed, I’m definitely holding out and my skin just has to bitter 😜 I have noticed that some of their oils have been released in new, smaller sizes – fingers crossed they do the same. A trial size would be perfect.

      • thedevenlee

        Ahhhhh I just saw it on Citi Easy Deals (one of my credit cards) for only 63$ for the 1 oz 😭😭😭 it’s unlikely that you have this credit card but I wanted to share with you just in case! Should I buy it? Halppp I already spent 200$ this year on beauty 🙄

  • Dee

    I was a nightly shower type due to horrible oily hair within 12 hours post-shower before I found dry shampoo. My scalp was dry, constantly itching and flaking, and my hair was limp and grew at a snail’s pace. My doctor told me I was destroying my scalp with daily showers and suggested I cut back to only 2-3 times a week. I was beside myself with anxiety over this until a helpful nurse told me about dry shampoo. I can now go 3, sometimes 4, days between washes without any oiliness even without the dry shampoo. Because of that, my scalp isn’t dry anymore so scalp flakes are a thing of the past. And my hair is growing so much faster now, it is shiny, and has volume that I’ve never experienced before. At my last checkup, my doc said my scalp and hair looked so much healthier. Ugh I love the stuff. <3

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