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Wednesday Reveal – January Sephora Play!

I love fresh snow – it snowed today and everything looks all crisp and pure again, it was getting real ugly around here. I also love it when I order stuff online and then forget that I bought it and am not obsessively tracking it and when it arrives it is a surprise! Like a little gift from my past self to my current self 😛


I was on the wait list for Sephora Play! for a hot minute and received my first bag today. I wasn’t totally sold on subscribing for this one, reviews are all over the place but it is only $10 bucks a month and you can cancel at any time. I actually received this about a week ago and have been using some of the items already!


First things first, I think the mesh bag is super cute and can use this for toiletries. I also like the information fold out that explains the products, it is a little more in depth than what I have received in other boxes and I appreciate that. The theme is Beauty, Set, Go – Happy You Year – you big cheeseballs. Here we go:

tarte frxxxtion stick – That is a lot X’s, 3 to be exact and they probably planned that – I get it now 😀 This is an exfoliating gel cleanser in a stick. This certainly looks interesting and seems really easy to use, I think it would be great to take on a trip as you wouldn’t need to worry about anything spilling. It smells a little funk but I will give it a whirl – plus the tube is super pretty.


DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder – Super jazzed to get this, I was just contemplating purchasing a full-sized jar and glad I get to give it a test run first. This is super finely milled and a little goes a long way, the first few runs I had a little cake face going on but have since become more used to it.


OUAI Treatment Mask – I have not used this yet but it smells amazing and will def be using it sooner than later. I love a good hair mask, if I can find the time. You get a really healthy size sample too, not too shabby at all.


Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey – Is it a lipstick, is it a balm, is it a lip balm – oh, it’s almost lipstick. I am that idiot who rolls their lippies all the way up to see how much product there is and I busted mine already, so immature. This stuff, I was a tween in the 90’s and Black Honey was a movement. Every grunge queen was sporting this but alas, I was not that cool (still am not) and while this lippie doesn’t pack a lot of pigment it is enough to not work for me. Something with my skint tone – it makes my lips look blue. I want to channel Fiona Apple but end up channeling hypothermia instead.

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Face Lifting  Moisturize – I have tried this brand before and it just too oily for me but I never feel like I am getting actual moisture. This product did sink in better but my face was dry and tight and it stinks fairly potent like sunscreen. I don’t know what the face lift part was about,  I didn’t notice anything.


Pinrose Wild Child – I love gardenia and I love jasmine but do I love them in the same fragrance? I don’t know yet and why did I only get a wipe – what is that? Cute aesthetic though.



Overall, I did get some nice samples and they are pretty decent sized except for that perfume wipe 😀 The bag is super cute, I feel like these items were actually curated for me and am definitely glad that I’m finally off the wait list!

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