Wednesday Reveal – January Vegan Cuts

Yikes – apparently Wednesday was the right choice for my sub boxes as they all arrived today but I am super excited about it! One of the boxes that I decided on was the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I picked this one as I find that I need more cruelty free brands and you get 4-7 products in each box – I am bound to find some new brands! They do offer a makeup box but I am on the hunt for some natural skincare and skipped that one.


First off, this was the most pleasantly scented little cardboard box I have ever received! It permeated my mailbox with the scent of clover, oranges and minty goodness. You get a cute, informational card in your box that lists all of the brands and their social media sites which I was pleased with. The theme of this box is New Beginning – this is very zen, probably too much so for me 😀 Here are the products that came in my box:

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Rouge – I got the shade Baccara Rose, it is a deep rose red and is tinted with minerals and flowers which is very cool. I don’t think I can wear this on my cheeks but could possibly wear it on my lips.

Enfusia Muscle Bomb – This is a vegan certified bath bomb infused with essential oils and epsom salts to soothe sore muscles. Most excellent, this will be great for after a run and it smells lovely.


Clarisea Deep Pore Detox Charcoal Mask – I find that these clay masks that you mix on your own can be quite drying but they work perfect for oily areas like t-zone, chin and nose – excited to give this a whirl.


Stinkbug Naturals Aluminum Free Deodorant Cream – This is where the glorious tangerine and clove aroma was coming from! It smells like orange tea, I thought it was lip balm but alas. This deodorant is also formulated with shea butter and coconut oil – that sounds nice, traditional deodorant can be very drying. I won’t lie though, I don’t know how comfortable I am with rubbing cream in my armpits – with a stick it is so impersonal, one does not actually touch the armpit. Anyway, we shall see but I am side-eying the shit out of this one.


Goddess Garden Organics Bright Eyes Firming Eye Cream – How cute is this little glass jar? This eye cream claims to firm, brighten and depuff with the aid of black elder – I am a fan of the black elder. Growing up with alternative (fine – hippies, I mean hippies) parents I still have an affinity for natural remedies.

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave in Conditioning Treatment – I am keen to try this, I use leave in conditioner all of the time and won’t turn down another.


I am delighted with my first box – still wish that deodorant was lip balm but looking at the ingredients I could use it as such, just sayin’. There are a few brands that I have not tried and hope that I find some new favs!

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