Youtube Made Me Buy It

My week off is almost at an end and I will find myself back in the real world in just a few days. I am dreading it, I feel like the daily schlep of working to make money to live detracts from the whole living aspect. C’est la vie.


Recently I found myself without my fav foundation as  the lovely glass bottle that it came in broke in my bag. Sad face. I wasn’t about to shell out $40 while I had half a dozen other bottles of perfectly good foundation waiting at home. In a pinch, I purchased a foundation that I have heard a lot about to get me through a few days. I won’t go so far as to say that Youtube made me buy it as much as it compelled me to 😛 at any rate. I have not purchased a drug store foundation since high school. Nothing against them, they have come along way and it was probably more my technique than anything else that resulted in constant cake-face. I wasn’t expecting much for $12.99 but the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation is crazy amazing. I am addicted and it feels dirty in a chili cheese fries and chocolate shake kinda’ way. I’ve never experienced such a smooth, even, flawless base with any of my high end matte, long wear foundations. The dry down is perfect, not too dry or cakey and it doesn’t highlight my skin texture. The shade is a perfect match that doesn’t oxidize. I can’t speak to the 24 hour wear claim but I did wear it for almost 12 hours while taking snow gear and goggles off and on and it held up really well.


For 12 bucks, you can’t go wrong for an on the go, travel foundation. The squeeze bottle makes it super easy to throw in your bag and it won’t shatter all over your clothes 😀 The coverage is amazing and touch ups just weren’t necessary! The hype is well deserved!

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