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A Study in Pink: Blushers

I think I am being dragged to the mega mall today, I loathe that place – it always makes me irritable and it is a hotbed for germs. Since the month of thinking pink is upon us, I am rounding up all of my favoruite pink beauty items to share. Today I have blushers! I love pink cheeks, you can achieve a subtle flush or serious statement colour – pink cheeks are very versatile.


Cream blushers are my go to when my skin is a little dry, NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic and Tea Rose are both lovely. I like to layer them together for little added depth since I cannot contour to save my life.


I received this super cute tarte blusher in paaarty in a sample pack from Sephora, it is a deeper rose pink and I really enjoy their signature Amazonian clay formula.


Another tarte selection celebrated, this is a very soft pink and I actually use it as more of an all over highlight.


Hands down my favourite drugstore selection is from Milani in Berry Amore – how amazing is baked blush?! This particular pan is packed with gold flecks and it so brightening.


Dandelion is another subtle pink that can be lightly dusted all over the face for a little complexion pick me up. This blusher has become an obsession for me, I have 4 pans and this is the mini that I haven’t hit pan on – eek. I saw that Benefit is releasing a new blusher palette and it will include a new Hoola Lite, Dandelion Twinkle and California. I am so all over that.


Lastly, I know this one is a highlighter but Wet ‘n Wild’s Crown of Canopy is plenty of colour for me- this is a very luminous blusher so light hand here 😀


So many flirty pinks, can I wear them all?! Thanks for stopping by ❤



  1. Such beautiful pictures and of course, beautiful blushes and the brushes!!! What brush is that besides the Wet n Wild one???
    I haven’t really tried out cream blushes extensively yet but I really like the Stila ones. As for powder blushes, I LOVE Milani blushes. They are my fav! I recently got the Wet n Wild highlighter and it’s too dark as a highlight so I use it as a blush/bronzer topper!

    • Oh, thank you 😘 The sun came out for a bit so that helped! It’s the Tere Mere blush brush – all of their brushes are organic and vegan. Definitely some of my favourite brushes, they have lots of other quality products too! I haven’t tried Stila blushes yet. Agreed, the Wet n’ Wild work perfect as blushes 😄

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