End of Winter Celebration Sale

Eek! I got my Ipsy spoiler email and I am swooning over my picks this month! As if that wasn’t enough to make it a good day, my Beautylish order arrived – holy express shipping! Can I just say that I really appreciate that type of service, super classy. Somehow my first order from them coincided with the End of Winter Celebration sale which featured 50% off of several Jeffree Star products. I have never tried this brand but it is one that I have always been curious about. Here are some shots of what I purchased and my initial thoughts, I will be sure to post swatches and a more comprehensive post once I dive in!


The contents were packaged excellent and the Jeffree Star products were wrapped in this super neat tissue paper (I get excited about those little details) illustrated with Star’s tattoos. First up is the lovely Beauty Killer Palette which I almost skipped due to the terrible reviews! I think it is gorgeous though, I have not swatched it but the package seems pretty sturdy and the pans are very generous. I am loving all of the shades but  Courtney, Confession and Vanity are really doing it for me – I can’t wait to use this!


Of course I had to snag some of his infamous Velour Liquid Lipsticks, I picked up Sagittarius and Chrysanthemum in singles and a bundle which included Gemini, Rose Matter and Mannequin. What a gorgeous bunch of nudes 🙂 I was pretty stoked to see that the tubes and applicators are almost identical to the Wet n’ Wild liquid lipsticks which are some of my favs. The applicator is a tad wider than your standard doe foot and it is tapered in a way that makes application a cinch. I only tried on Manneqiuin and while the formula and scent did remind me a lot of Lime Crime, it wasn’t as drying which is nice. The formula is also very thin but still applies fairly opaque with just a swipe. I skipped on the Skin Frost as I didn’t know what I was getting into but now I am kicking myself 😛 I would definitely order from Beautylish again, the service was fantastic and I am excited to explore more of this brand!



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13 thoughts

    1. Interesting…he isn’t one that I’ve paid much attention to, I remember him from his myspace videos but not much past that. I’ve honestly stopped watching some of my favourite beauty gurus because they become more obnoxious as they get more famous. It seems like it’s trendy to be snarky in that profession but I don’t remember it always being that way. Definitely food for thought though, thanks for sharing!

    1. I definitely will, reviews are all over the place on this one. I checked out a few tutorials and those were kind of hit and miss too, I am curious to dig into this one 🙂

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