A Study in Pink: Palettes

I am supposed to be re-purposing this mangy old rug but then my baby cat decided that she would help and I gave up on that.


More pink, I wanted to get a few of these done before the big day but time is running out 😦 Admittedly I do not own too many pink shadows, I have a few singles but I just don’t find that pink shadow looks very flattering on me. These next two palettes are very flattering though and versatile. I can achieve entire looks with them or just use a couple of shades in tandem with my singles.


The first is a gorgeous, warm palette that embodies the Goddess of love herself and I am sure that you’ve seen it somewhere (everywhere) before, Lime Crime’s Venus palette is one of my most used eye shadow collections. It is back in stock now but I recommend getting the bundle as that is the better deal! This palette is packed with a mix of matte and shimmer pinks, it has incredible pigmentation and the shadows are so buttery. I’ve reviewed it before and I just adore it. Plus the artsy packaging makes it a total display piece. If you could have one pink palette, make it this one.


My next pink palette pick is the NYX Lid Lingerie – this one is not as pigmented as the Venus palette and it is all matte but the first quad of shades makes for a dreamy, mauve eye look. The darker shades are a little gritty but not hard to build or work with. I just purchased this and have only used it a handful of times but I am a fan! The pans are generous but it is still small enough to pop in your bag and take on the go. As you can see there are some similarities between the 2, that dusty pink shade is probably my fav in both palettes. If you are in need of a pink palette, either of these are great pick ups that you can use all year round.


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    1. I though I did in my original Venus post, I’ll link that. Not yet for the NYX though. I am going to post swatches with the metallic palette I purchased from them. Stay tuned πŸ˜„

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