MOTD – Pinky Peach

I want to lose some winter fluff and someone recommended doing the Whole30 diet, I was just reading about it and fuck that. I really love cheese, it’s true but it isn’t just that – I could live off of sweet potatoes and there are about 100 ways to eat them but no lentils?! What kind of diet from Hades won’t let you eat lentils? No dice. I fell in love with lentils in Spain and eat them at least twice a week; they are the perfect food and I refuse to stop eating them.

My MOTD was very pink this dreary, too warm Monday – I know, this surprised me as much as anyone. I think that I might wear my one 1 pink shirt to work tomorrow *gasp* Anyway, I am not going to talk about every item that I put on my face because that would be extremely tedious but I did want to talk about my eyeshadow! As mentioned, I busted out the Colourpop pressed shadows and am excited to share my thoughts.



I ordered a few of their pressed eye-shadow duos which were mostly pinks and purples and 2 of their single shadow pans. First things first, how cute is the packaging on the duos? Out of the box they look like teenie Valentines. The single shadows come with a little plastic envelope, I don’t know if this is standard as I only own a couple single pans but they didn’t come with the additional sleeve. I don’t own a palette and while I probably wouldn’t toss this in my makeup bag it does make me feel like the product is more protected. Today, I used the Meant to Be Duo that includes a satin and a matte. I am partial to satins and shimmers, the Bouquet Toss pan is a metallic, pinky peach and it is so gorgeous. I know, we have all seen a colour like this but the formula is way nicer than I was expecting. It is smooth, buttery and you get quite a bit of pigment for such a neutral shade. I used this all over my lid and then went in with Flowerboy (describe as a hot, peachy pink – oh, la, la) which is a matte shade and ran into a little trouble. This is a lovely pink shade with peach undertones that worked surprisingly well with my complexion but it did have quite a bit of kick-up. I used this as a crease shadow and it was a tad messy but nothing I couldn’t work with, I found that swirling my brush in the kicked up powder in the palette was a bit easier. At this point I was pretty pink and didn’t want to do anything crazy as I was just going to work today but I decided to add a little depth with Two Much from the Two to Tango duo. Two Much is a matte medium plum with gold flecks, I was suspecting it to be a little gritty with glitter fall out but this formula was smoother and more buttery than the plain matte shade – explain that to me! I am pretty impressed with these new pressed shadows; I found them to be easy to work with and was able to use some bolder colours without issue. I think the satin is definitely the best but I would try other mattes, pinks can be tricky with any brand – at least for me.


A few other highlights – Milani Prep Set + Glow Illuminating Powder, ugh – this stuff is incredible! I managed to find it at Wal-Mart and I am going back for more.


Infallible Total Cover – Ehhhhh, I don’t know what I think of this stuff. It does provide a lot of coverage and it is lightweight but it is like a mousse and I have a tough time getting it totally blended.


And finally, lips were more pink (who am I even) I wore the Liquid Catsuit in Nudist Peach. Tati totally made my buy this, I should do a post of all the products that she has inspired me to buy. It would probably include over half of my collection and most of my top products 😀 She has never steered me wrong which is so weird because we don’t have the same skin tone or hair colour, etc. Anyway – this stuff is amazing!

That’s it – I feel like the pressed shadows were a big win and I cannot wait to try more. Thanks for stopping by ❤

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  1. I love the look! I also saw Tati’s video on the Wet n Wild liquid lipsticks! I’ve bee trying to get my hands on Rebel Rose and Nudist Peach but no luck yet! 😫 The Colourpop pressed shadows look amazing!

    1. Thank you! I think everyone saw her video and snagged them up! I saw a full display one evening and skipped then watched her video and went back – there were only 3 left! Definitely keep an eye out for them though, they are really nice.

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