H&C with Milani

I found more Milani! Super randomly at a CVS but they had all of the new stuff already on the regular display which was fine because it seemed like nobody else knew it was there either. I think that I just about have everything that I want from their new releases and will be sharing all of my pick-ups over the next few weeks. I am pretty excited so get ready!! Milani is amazing, now that they have a foundation that is better suited to my skin tone – I could seriously swap out all of my makeup for this one brand. Ooh – MOTD with all Milani? I think so.

0216171727I am abysmal at contouring, I understand the concept and I’ve tried powders, creams and everything in between and it honestly just doesn’t do anything for my face. I have a very round face but I’ve watched videos where suddenly someone with just my face shape throws on some contour and suddenly has cheekbones a’ la Robin Wright. What is that?! This still does not deter me from wanting to try new contour products; maybe I just have not found my penguin yet. Side note, I read a news article where some kids stole a penguin from a zoo while on a field trip. They were youngish and got it all the way onto the bus, how does one smuggle a penguin out of a zoo? I have loads of other questions but we’ll leave it at that. I picked up one of the Contour & Highlight Cream& Liquid Duo in Fair/Light. This is one of those nifty double ended products that I want to love because it just seems so convenient. The contour side is a roll-up tube and the highlight side is a little pot that comes with a doe foot applicator. The tube is just plastic but has gold details and really does not feel as cheap as you’d think. It retails for $11 and I tossed that package already so I can’t give a specific quantity but it’s not too shabby.

0216171728I really, really like the contour shade as it is very cool toned with no orange and this makes it ideal for contouring my skin tone. I enjoyed the texture of the contour stick, the application was very smooth and it didn’t tug my skin or pick up my foundation. The pigment was not too shabby, I felt that it was a little strong at first and panicked, once I took a deep breath and blended it just melted into my skin. Almost too much so, it literally disappeared and I had to build it back up a little.  The good news is that it was very easy to build and it didn’t ruin my whole face if I felt like I was a little too heavy-handed. I liked the overall look; it was very matte which I feel is something one would want in a contour product. The highlight is a not too yellow champagne and while it looks shimmery, this is very subtle once you apply and blend. I am not crazy about the applicator but was able to just dot on with another brush and this worked fine. I don’t think this would work someone who wants that really strong, Insta’ contour but I loved it. The overall look made me feel glamorous but not like I was caked in makeup.

0216171727aI really enjoyed this product, it is convenient and something that I could totally use every day. Did I have cheekbones – negative but doesn’t contour just add something? I feel like this is a trend that I am just not ready to let go of yet 😛 I think that I am going to try the next deeper shade as well and see what happens. If you want a glowy, soft contour that is easy to apply and won’t break the bank – check this one out!


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