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February Fail – Micellar Water

I think I am going to do a series where I talk about a product that really pissed me off due to it being so incredibly bad 😀 This is the kick-off, enjoy!!


Micellar water has been all of the rage recently, everyone is using it and every brand is releasing one. So many people rave about the L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Having used this product multiple times now – I literally have no idea what people are talking about. I have used several brands of micellar waters, all with varying results but this one does almost nothing – I might as well just be splashing tap water on my face. I typically dampen a cotton pad and hold it to my eye makeup for a few seconds and then just wipe, this product just succeeded in smearing my shadow and did not penetrate my eyeliner or mascara. As for face products, it worked OK if I was just wearing powder foundation but again – just smeared my liquid foundation around. In a fit of irritation, I wanted to see how many cotton pads it would take to get the majority of my makeup off – 6, it took 6 soaked cotton pads and there was still makeup leftover. This product claims to remove makeup, dirt and oil in one easy step- such lies I tell you! It definitely did not bother or irritate my skin and it smelled pleasant but that’s all this one has going for it. For $9.99 – not worth it, try literally any other product and you will probably get better results. If you want a product to freshen your skin in the AM this might be good for you but it is not for removing makeup – it sucks and is literally the worst 😛

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  1. Have you tried the Simple brand Micellar water or the Micellar wipes? I love both. It takes my eye makeup off but doesn’t irritate my eyes or face.

    • Of course, I was actually looking at the Garnier when I bought this one and didn’t go with it since I had not read anything about it. Might have to check it out now, thanks for sharing!

  2. So far I’ve tried soap and glory and garnier and both work well, this sounds very disappointing. I like the idea of this kind of post series though, you didn’t always see the total failure products in blogs.

    • You are the second to recommend the Garnier – I think I will check it out! Oh thank, I appreciate that!! I tend to find something that really displeases me everyone once in a while 🙂

  3. Hmm interesting…I saw it at the store but I actually haven’t heard anything about this product. Well I’m glad I read your post, I’ll stay away from this one. Have you tried the one by Nyx that recently launched? I’m curious if that one is just as bad as this since I also haven’t heard anything about it.

    • I have not tried that one but curious as well. NYX is generally good but unsure about their skincare. I’d give it a whirl if I ran into though!

  4. I have used Simple and Bifesta micellar waters – they do not sting my eyes and they take off makeup reasonably well! They’re fairly cheap, too.

    • I have not tried either of those but you are the second to mention the Simple brand – I look forward to trying more. Thanks for sharing!

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