An Intro to Fancy, Oval Brushes

I watched Sherlock season 4 last night and remembered why I had put off watching it for so long – it is dead depressing. I like the plots and the characters but what a downer, but now I realize that I forgot tidbits that happened in earlier seasons and may have to go back and watch them again to catch up.


I have been keen to try those fancy oval makeup brushes (don’t they just seem super fancy) for ages, there was no freaking way that I was shelling out more than $100 for a set and I was having a hard time finding less costly ones that had solid reviews. I am a Beauty Blender purist, I have never been a fan of foundation  brushes and in fact those that I own are used to apply face masks. I don’t know if it is my technique or the product that I am using, I just don’t like them. I was drawn to the oval brushes because they look so easy to use and the foundation application is flawless – at least it appeared to be. I use a variety of brushes from all ends of the cost spectrum and have never been disappointed with Royal and Langnickel. They offer a ton of brushes that are 100% vegan, are super affordable and put some of my luxury brushes to shame. The Moda Micro Glow is totally genius and I use several of their other brushes every day. When a brand that I am familiar with and have a lot of luck using releases something new, I am more apt to try it over others. When they announced their oval face brush kit, I knew it had to be mine.


If there is one thing that I am not crazy about it’s that the only retailer that carries Royal and Langnickel is Wal-Mart and I don’t make a habit of shopping there. That being said, I have been trolling roughly 6 different stores in the area for the last few weeks trying to get my hands on this brush kit. This kit includes 4 synthetic filament brushes and retails for 24.99 on their website but in stores, I paid 16.49. Oh, and they look like mermaid fins 😀 The brushes included are:

801 – the largest for foundation application

802 – blush and bronzer application

803 – contour and all-over blending

804 – precise concealer application


Here are my thoughts on this kit from someone who mostly uses a BB to apply the bulk of their makeup. First off, these brushes are so soft and I was surprised at how dense they were. The handles are somewhat pliable and in my opinion they have just enough give for a comfortable application. I read a review that said they were flimsy and have to wonder how hard that user was pressing – I experienced no issues when buffing and blending. I found that the biggest brush was pretty big for some areas of my face but was able to blend more precisely with the 2nd largest brush. The concealer brush is perfect for under eye concealer and brow highlight. I used way too much product to start as I am used to getting a little soak up from the BB and managed to just push an enormous amount of foundation around on my face. Even using less product though I still felt as though the brush was just pushing product around, very evenly albeit but the product was just there, sitting on my face. As I buffed and blended more, the product finally did sink in but man – it took some work. My technique probably isn’t fantastic, I am used to the bouncing technique and kept picking the brush up which was making for some spotty application. When I finally managed to achieve an even layer of product, I was somewhat disappointed in the coverage but I loved the way my skin looked. With a BB, I can get full coverage with most products fairly quickly but I feel it is because I am pushing the product into my skin rather than buffing it over – if that makes sense.  For those with mostly blemish free skin, these would probably provide plenty of coverage but it was a little sheer for me. If you use a BB then you might struggle with product build up along your hair line like I do, I didn’t have that issue with these brushes which was really nice to be able to skip buffing my hairline for 20 minutes 😛 I did go back and even some things out with my BB but then I went back again and blended some areas with the brushes after that so…I do like them but I think my technique needs some improvement. I feel as though these brushes did manage to apply my foundation more evenly and my face had overall less texture. I was impressed with how well my concealer blended under my eyes and around my nose with just a few buffs. These brushes soak up very little product so don’t go HAM with the foundation like I did. Oops.


Overall, they have been a very nice introduction to this type of brush and are of the same quality that you would expect from this brand (awesome). I would like to see a brush in between the 2 largest sizes but can make it work with what comes in the kit. They are gorgeous, obviously but I am not tossing my BB any time soon – I think that it will always have a purpose in my arsenal.

For those of you who want to try this type of brush but are unsure of where to start, I really do think that these provide a solid first experience. They are releasing a limited quantity on their website but I didn’t see a launch date – I think the better bet is just looking stores. Thanks for stopping by <3


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