Anti-Haul #2

I think I am due for another anti-haul, I am getting new product alerts almost everyday and these are the items that I cannot/will not buy! It is so hard this time of year with all of the new beauty releases but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing (just say no).

I received an app alert from Sephora that there will be several new, exclusive products that will be available this weekend only and one of those products is from Urban Decay – their new Highlighting Fluids. I am skipping these because I cannot with good conscience own yet another highlighter and UD has been missing the mark recently with their new products. I had to scour the web for this picture, it isn’t mine – these will release this weekend temporarily and then officially sometime in March. I feel like some of these are the same shades as the powder Afterglow Highlighters so I am tempted but staying strong.


This next one I was so flipping excited about, Benefit’s Dandelion Twinkle is a pearly pink highlighter that I knew I would love as I am such a fan of the Dandelion blush. It is really pretty, I know I would use it but $29 for 3 g. of product when you get 8 g. in the other powders?! Who came up with that price point – I cannot justify the purchase and think it is totally ridiculous.


TooFaced Peanut Butter and Honey palette, I immediately put this in my cart when it was a part of the Platinum Perk early access and I thought about it and am just not going for it. This brand and their shadows are just too all over the place for me, I love the PB&J palette but have a few others that are just awful. I might hold out for more reviews but not buying it anytime soon πŸ™


Makeup Forever Ultra HD Lip Booster – I saw Tati use this and was convinced that I needed it. What the hell is a lip booster? I am into makeup but a product just for prepping lips?! That is a hard sell for me – I use a lip primer already and really think that Tati just already has fabulous lips and that I would be disappointed in whatever this product is.


No lie, I still really want this primer – I am a huge fan of serum primers but again the price point of the PUR No Filter Blurring Photography Primer is outrageous! $33 for .5 oz. – what are these brands smoking? It looks really lovely but come on.


Finally, the new highlighter trios from Colourpop that are really just 3 jars of highlighter in a different package – are you kidding me with this? They do have new shades but the trios include old shades that many probably already own and it just seems gimmicky to me.


Clearly I am anti-highlight at this point but honestly, while I do use it everyday I just have so many that I hardly make a dent in them. Still pissed off about that Dandelion Twinkle though πŸ˜› That being said, the new HoolaLite is amazing – review coming soon! None of these images are mine.

I would love to hear what products are testing your willpower and as always, thanks for stopping by <3


  • hansenra875

    You’re making an anti-haul and I’m coming up with a wish list… lol. Though the only thing on your list I’m curious about is the PB & Honey palette but like you I decided to wait until I can swatch it in stores. Love the anti-haul posts!

    • stella

      Haha! There are so many new, amazing looking products that I am trying to be frugal and buy what I really want. I know what you mean – once it hits stores maybe I’ll change my mind πŸ™‚

  • stashy

    The TooFaced Peanut Butter and Honey palette look so tempting but you’re right, that brand is all over the place with their releases!
    I watched Kimberly Clarke’s video about highlighters and how it doesn’t really matter what the undertones are because they all pretty much look the same on the face. πŸ˜›
    I like this series!

    • stella

      Such a bummer too because it looks so cute and that yellow shade is something that I have not run into very often:( Haha! I believe – that is so true. It at this point I should be doing the full-face highlight challenge everyday as I have so many! I am over it, it is my own fault too. Thanks for reading!!

  • almayerich

    I love highlight’s but I didn’t bite for the pre-releases on the Sephora APP. None of the highlight’s spoke to me or I didn’t think they would look great on my skin tone. I’m curious to see swatches of the PB & Honey palette before I decide either way.

    • stella

      Yea, I wasn’t impressed. The UD highlighters are liquid versions of the pressed powder highlighters I already own and I just don’t need more! I read a review that some of the shades are patchy and gritty and some are nice – which seems to be the trend with this brand recently.

  • Ela Kaimo

    My anti-haul includes the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Kit – my fave Youtuber emilynoel83 says it’s not worth it, so I’m not picking it up. Got a real case of FOMO from all the other beauty bloggers, though.

    • stella

      Yea, it is definitely not a necessity – cute concept. I know what you mean, I wish that brands would stop with everything being limited edition! I prefer products that I end up loving to be a part of the permanent collection, it is just sales generator in my opinion πŸ™

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