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Best of February

February has come and (almost) gone – I feel like it is a filler month between finally coming down from that holiday high and heading into spring. Spring is my least favourite season *gasp* what kind of monster am I?! I just cannot dress for it, I cannot wear pastels, I am always too hot or too cold – I hate it. I also don’t get the ‘new beginning’ thing. for whatever reason I associate the crispness of fall with new beginnings – maybe because of the back to school memories. Spring smells like dog poop in MN, not even lying. But anyway, I had a few favourites this month but lots of products that I have already been using all winter so I will just stick to the new favourites.

To start we have this amazing Make it Last Setting Spray, it smells so pleasant and the spritzer is one of the best I have used on bargain or luxury beauty products. I use about 3 sprays and it keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. Does it last 16 hours? No idea, I have never left my makeup on for that long but it is very nice.

I blew through the smallest size of Prince Charming and immediately purchased the biggest size. This shower cream smells like vanilla and something else – not pomegranate like it claims but something citrusy. The bubbles are pink too, I like to add a few dollops to my bubble baths and sit in charmingly pink foam.

My skin was mostly pissing me off all month, the changing weather never ceases to irritate it but this new Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea Facial Spray has been amazing. It delivers the perfect moisture pick me up when I am feeling bleh and it doesn’t irritate whatever I’ve got going on. I like to be extra, extra and do 2 spritzes of this and 2 spritzes of the rose one πŸ˜›

My first ever cushion product is the Wet ‘n Wild Highlighter – this stuff is glorious and super easy to use. I apply it under foundation for just a little dew or over foundation for high shine – the formula is really nice and you get a lot of glow.

While I was wearing a lot of lippies all month, I was also loving this Vaseline balm in the rose tin. You get a little colour and rosy scent, it feels fancier than the OG but you still get all that glorious moisture.

Honestly, with all of the new releases recently – I just don’t recall many products blowing my mind. And that’s OK, I am using a lot of old products and culling my collection which is making room for new stuff πŸ˜€ What were you loving this February?

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