More MODA!

It is safe to say that I am definitely getting the hang of using the oval face brushes, I am finding that heavier foundations tend to work better which is fine since I need the coverage! I recently re-upped on a few of my other favoruite Royal and Langnickel brushes, they have loads of nice brushes but here are the ones that I own duplicates (a few triplicates).


I mentioned the Micro Glow being genius and I stand by this – it is a mini fan brush that makes adding a bit of glimmer in hard to reach areas a breeze. The bristles are so soft and it is too stinking cute to boot ๐Ÿ˜€

Next is the MODA Fan, this fan brush isn’t flimsy and isn’t enormous – it is simply a beautifully balanced brush that picks up and applies highlight like a dream.


I use the MODA Blush brush for bronzer and blusher, it is tapered but is still plenty fluffy and buffs in colour seamlessly.

Lastly, is the MODA Multi-Purpose Powder brush that I own multiples in because I wash them constantly and cannot wait for them to dry! I use this for loose powder and body highlight, it picks up plenty of product but not so much that you are wasting it. Speaking of washing, I wash my brushes constantly to prevent acne and these brushes shed so little if at all. The bristles are soft yet dense and they are equipped with non-slip, super grip rubber handles. I added the super grip part but it is still true ๐Ÿ˜› Most of their brushes are less than 10 bucks making them such a steal.


I would love to know what other affordable brushes are out there, thanks for stopping by <3


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