New in Drugstore Beauty: ExpertWear Shadow

I feel like glo-tions are everywhere and I want to try one so bad but glowy products look good on me for a few hours and then I just look like a sweaty hog. I might still try one, I know I’m going to try one – I just cannot resist. My skin goes in phases, sometimes it never feels hydrated and other times I feel like I could skip moisturizer (I never do), at 30 you think it would have figured itself  out by now. More on glo-tions later.


Drugstore beauty has been killing it lately with their new releases, I find something almost every time I venture into a drugstore. I have been on the hunt for the new Wet ‘n Wild eye trios with no luck but I did manage to find a completely brand new display of the new Maybelline ExpertWear single eye-shadows. I have already heard that the consistency is hit or miss between finishes and mostly went for the shiny ones – I always go for the shiny stuff. I have not owned these single shadows in years, I remember them smelling like cheap makeup and we would use them to play dress up as kids. Well, the smell has come a long way – there is no odor and that nostalgic part of me was a little sad. You still get the flimsy, flip-top compact that feels like it is going to shatter in your hands but for $2.99 who am I to complain? I would not recommend dropping them, there were a few broken ones in the display that had probably been dropped and the product literally exploded. You also get one of those eye-shadow, spongy brush applicators that I cannot use. I know, I cannot explain it either – I always dig it into the pan and just get chunks of product. Anyway, all of the shades that I purchased are buttery and so shimmery! Here are some swatches, enjoy! Bottom to top – The Glo Down, Gold School, Nude Glow, Forest Green & Humdrum Plum. My current front runners are Nude Glow and Forest Green – they are both smooth so pigmented!



For $2.99 – amazing and I must, must get my hands on Raw Ruby – it was the only one that I could not find 🙁 If you are looking to shake up your shadow game – check these out!


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