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Sample Saturday – H2O+

I randomly stumbled onto Beautylish this morning and was shocked to see that they had items in stock that the official brand websites did not – what?! Where have I been – I had no idea that this website existed but how convenient to be able to buy multiple brands at one time. Not to mention, some Jeffree Star products that  I have been wanting were on offer at really fantastic prices! I am jazzed to finally try this brand out. This is so great and so bad, shopping just gets easier and easier. This is my first experience with them, I will have to report back on how it goes. Anyway, super excited!


For Sample Saturday, I am sharing a face cream that was included in my January Ipsy the H20+ Beauty Oasis Ultra-Hydrating Cream. The creators of this cream claim that it will boost your skin’s hydration by 100% and is actually a light weight gel that delivers intense, 24 hour lasting moisture. It retails at $42 for 1.7 oz. which isn’t outrageous if you are buying a higher-end brand. It is formulated with some yummy, mild ingredients such as water lily, sea grass and without mineral oil or parabens. There are currently only 4 reviews on their site but this product is rating at 5/5. Very simplistic packaging and this brand overall looks gorgeous. Seriously, check out their site.



When I cracked the jar my first impression was, it’s blue and not ‘Oh, it’s blue!’ think ‘Ew, it’s blue.’ I have a strong, unexplained aversion to blue beauty products and I don’t really know why. It is always a very unexpected quality to me, I imagine that people think about water and the sea (or an oasis, sheesh these brands are clever) and blah, blah, blah but I think of cotton candy and slushies and red dye #40 – mostly just not things that I want to put on my face. I know that there are natural products out there that have a blue hue because blue does actually occur in nature (contrary to my absurd belief) but I just don’t like it. Moving past that, this cream is also fairly scented – not a bad scent, think fresh washed linen or cotton sheets. Also a surprising quality but like I said, not bad. The texture of this cream is very emollient and it really felt like I was giving my skin a drink of water, the scent dissipated within a few minutes. True to a gel moisturizer while it did feel hydrating but it just sat there on my face. I don’t have a lot of luck with gel creams, I do like gel daytime lotions but probably due to the fact that they are less rich and do actually absorb. This cream never absorbed and it started to pill up in my hair line, I know it dried because I rubbed my hand on my face and was able to peel bits of it up but it didn’t absorb. To me, that defeats the whole purpose of the 100% hydration claim. Once I had completed my morning wash routine, my skin felt dryer as it didn’t glean any benefit from this cream forming an impenetrable barrier on my face. I’m just not a fan, I don’t think I could even use this as a heavy eye-cream because it would probably just set there too. I am glad that I got a sample, this brand just dropped at ULTA and I was curious. I won’t say that I will bar the whole brand but this  particular collection is definitely not something that I would jump at.


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  • llindaxxo

    Oh no, I hate it when products pill up! It’s the worst! Too bad this moisturizer didn’t work out…I was so excited and hoping it would be good too 🙁

    • stella

      I know! It is gross – maybe this would work better on dry skin but it didn’t really even do anything for my dry patches so guessing not 🙁

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