Talk Greek to Me

I was in Walgreens this weekend and all of the new Hask products were on BOGO. They have 5 new dry shampoos that I wanted to try, I walked away with 2 and a few of their Greek Yogurt line. I enjoy Hask products, they use fabulous ingredients and they tend to work well with my hair. Greek yogurt is also wonderful for hydration, it works well on skin and I was curious to see what it would do for my hair. I picked up some of the Fig & Honey products, the first product I tested is the Hydrating Deep Conditioner mask and it is lovely! You get a single use pouch (1.8 oz) packed with Greek yogurt and fruit extract that you slather on for 5 minutes. It was like slathering my hair in mayo but in a good, non-greasy, non-smelly kinda’ way 😀 This mask smells really nice and made my hair feel soft and hydrated pretty immediately. It rinsed clean but left a pleasant honey scent behind which wasn’t bad at all. My hair tends to get bigger and bigger as I blow dry and this mask didn’t flatten it but did help keep frizzies under control. I used it Friday night, my hair was soft and manageable throughout the weekend without being overly greasy.  I am pleased to find a hydrating products that doesn’t make my fine hair super greasy! I plan to use the shampoo/conditioner in the AM and am excited to see what I think about those!. The hair mask was definitely worth the $2.99 and you can get twice as many on BOGO – check them out!

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