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I know, I know…’I’m not huge into Valentine’s day, it doesn’t do it for me.’ That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good Rom-Com, no lie I would like to punch whoever coined that abbreviation and this will be the only time that I will use it. Ever. If you love a sappy, romantic movie every once in a while like yours truly – then you are sure to enjoy one of these. Plus, it’s Friday night and it is freezing and there’s no better time than the present to stay inside and have a cry.

Sleepless in Seattle – We all knew this one would be on here, last winter I went through a phase where I was watching this on repeat and then it was removed from Netflix πŸ™ I took this as a personal affront to my emotional well-being. Sam and Jonah are the sweetest father/son duo who just lost their matriarch to cancer, enter Meg Ryan (Annie) with the help of a radio call-in show and suddenly we’re in Manhattan and everyone is in love. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Meg Ryan, Bill Pullman, David Hyde-Pierce and the musical accompaniment of Jimmy Durant and Nat King Cole *sob* Just a good ol’ 90’s love-fest.

Say Anything – I will watch John Cusack in any movie, ever but he is even more lovable as the grungy not quite bad boy but not really the guy that you want your daughter to be dating. Especially your goodie-two-shoes, Paris bound daughter but it mostly works out in the end  because you go to prison and hell, someone has to take that 12 hour flight with her. Seriously though, it is perfection.

The Wedding Singer – Probably Adam Sandler’s best in my opinion. Sweet little Drew getting screwed over by that beefcake and then here comes Robbie – plus that granny and her meatballs, hysterical. The soundtrack is also perfect and who doesn’t appreciate a Billy Idol cameo?

Pretty In Pink – I love this movie, I wanted to be Molly Ringwald in this movie and meet my own Blane *le sigh* I always thought that James Spader was so dreamy in this movie too – total jerk but he was pretty. He did not age well, not well at all πŸ™ My favourite scene is Duckie lip-syncing and leaving it all on the dance floor to Otis Redding.

Never Been Kissed – Wildly unrealistic but doesn’t everyone want to go back to high school and own it. Think of how those 4 years would have gone if you knew everything that you knew now. Plus all of the 90’s fashion, it is totally nostalgic for me – the frosted hair, pleather, gloss. What a decade. Although, was I the only that felt a little weird that she ended up with the teacher? Yea, they were the same age really but still…

Bridget Jones’s Diary – Only because I have an unnatural obsession with Colin Firth. He is so stuffy and stodgy, I just can’t help but adore him. Renee Zellweger is absolutely, perfectly quirky and so lovable. She also gained 30 pounds for this role and she was gorgeous, I loved that. I won’t see the 3rd one though, I can’t imagine that it could be as good as the first two.

Match Point – Hear me out, everything goes straight to hell in the last 25 minutes and actually it is really sad but I just think it is really well-acted and a reminder to not have affairs. See also, Fatal Attraction and Unfaithful in case anyone else needs more convincing to love the one they are with.

I have others but when I think of boxed wine and crudite on the couch, these movies just do it for me. Notice that I am not including The Notebook – I have a pact to never see this and I am sticking to it. Also, I left off the hooker with a heart of gold Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as I just don’t think it is romantic! That relationship would not have worked, you know they broke up and then she couldn’t afford to go to the opera anymore.

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