Thoughts On Milani Concealer

My home page is MSNBC and I usually don’t read much of anything from this site but was pretty much obligated to read my February horoscope – who goes there for the news anyway? Gotta’ say not great, also gotta’ say – I don’t believe in this stuff but here we are anyway:


My interpretation: ‘Don’t make any plans with friends (or in general) and get the cats some treats, they are the only ones who appreciate you.’ Anyway, I am bursting to share the rest of my Beautylish order but I am not good at coming back and talking about products after a first impressions post and will just hang tight for a bit 😛


I have been on a mission to track down the new Milani beauty products and it has been a task – I have only managed to get a hold of couple of things. One being the new Retouch and Erase Light – Lifting Concealer. There are only 7 shades in this line and the concealer comes in a squeeze tube with a sponge tip. I will say that I am not crazy about sponge tip applicators – I know that they are becoming more popular but I just worry about bacteria. This concealer claims to immediately erase the look of dark circles, blemishes, spots and imperfections. It also claims to be lightweight, brightening and full coverage. I purchased Fair (bottom swatch in photo below) and Light (top swatch in photo below) as I find that I can get custom coverage with most brands by mixing the 2 lightest shades. For $9 you get .24 fluid oz. making this a very affordable product.


To the product – neither shade was great for me but I knew this going in and mixing the two gave me a pretty good match but I didn’t see any brightening quality the concealer basically just matched my skin tone and blended in 🙁 And honestly, the shades are a tad funk all around – very yellow. It is thin coming out of the tube and the consistency reminded me a lot of the Too Face Born This Way concealer, I was expecting something thicker for whatever reason. I don’t have a lot of luck with the Too Faced concealer as it provides very little coverage so I was hoping that the Milani concealer would be the same consistency but with more coverage – no dice. I attempted to apply this with my BB and oval brushes and both times this concealer provided very sheer coverage. This would be a product that I would reach for on a perfect skin day when I just want to even out some red. That being said, once it dries it isn’t going anywhere, I was impressed with the staying power. I found the squeeze tube and sponge combination tricky to work with, even when I pressed the product directly to my face I was getting too much or too little. Sadly, this product oxidized with a few hours wear and gave me a very tan cast which was a total bummer seeing as how I had been finessing it for so long to make it work. I did appreciate how little it creased but this was obviously due to the fact that it is so thin and serum like.



Overall, not crazy about it – for 9 bucks though I am not too put out. I don’t really know if I will be able to find a use for this, I would hate to hang onto it until summer when my skin is minutely darker and even then it might still not be a go. I still really enjoy this brand but this concealer was a dud for me.

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