I was so hyped that we were supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow and now, per usual, we are really only going to get 1-3 inches. I feel like writing a letter to the weather channels and scolding them for over-hyping these storms! That feels very middle-aged but honestly, it is so irritating.

I talked about wanting to try SugarPill Cosmetics a few posts ago and at that time I had purchased some items but not really taken them for a spin. Their products are California made, cruelty free and some are also vegan. They have loads of unique pressed eyeshadows, lippies, a build your own pro-palette plus lashes, brushes and you get the idea.I think the brand identity is edgy but totally adorable. Out of all the products that I purchased I was most excited about the Kim Chi liquid lipstick. Kim Chi is a drag queen and probably my all time fav – his looks are something straight out of Sanrio! Of course he would be the inspiration of a totally gorgeous, matte lippie.



The first thing I noticed about this liquid lippie is that it comes in the same packaging as the Jeffree Starr and Wet ‘n Wild liquid lippies which is amazing as the doe foot is shaped like a teenie chair. I just love this applicator, it hugs your lips and applies a really nice edge and you don’t have to be terribly precise (trust me). It retails for $18 which is pretty on par with most brands of this caliber. The graphic is cute, I love the pink and this particular one is vegan – very cool. Kim Chi is a lavender mauve with glitter, I loved the shade but was disappointed with initial application as I was expecting more glitter but then I checked myself in the car mirror – holy glitter. I don’t know how they did it, the glitter doesn’t flake off but it is so glittery – I love the way it looks. The formula is very comfortable, it dried down totally matte and it lasted up until lunch which is exactly the point in the day that I would reapply anyway. I am surprisingly loving the lavender, it just works. It smells sweet, I could take or leave that but it isn’t unpleasant. I love it, I can’t even describe how lovely it is and I cannot wait to try more from this brand!



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