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Wednesday Reveal – February Birchbox

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will get a spring snow dump! The extended forecast isn’t looking promising though 🙁 It is balmy out, I am excited to start running outside again but really, what a shit winter. In other news, it really irks me when people who are so obviously the same age as me call me ma’am. I don’t know if it is because they think they are being polite or what but this is a major pet-peeve of mine, you don’t really need to call me anything. Maybe it is just me, I don’t think to end much of anything with sir or ma’am – unless the occasion really calls for it (meeting the Pope would be an appropriate occasion but I think he is Your Holiness). It especially irks me when I hear some poor customer service rep getting bawled out and they start to use those pronouns, are they doing it ironically? Typically this happens when the customer is behaving completely belligerently and perhaps this is why I don’t like it – it reminds me of how one would handle a belligerent POS, something that I strive never to be. Six sentence ramble later, can you tell this bothers me 😛

I feel like my Wednesday Reveals are behind, the boxes arrive so sporadically though.  Anyway, my February Birchbox arrived and I gotta’ say that this is my least favourite! The samples just seemed overall really small, I get that it is a sample box but this one felt cheap even for $10! Some of the tubes don’t even feel full 🙁 Now, we are coming off of the January box that was pretty amazing so I am bound to get a dud once in a while! This month’s theme is Lip Love and while the box did include 2 lip items they could have done a total lip box with a scrub, treatment, mask, stain, lipstick – the possibilities are endless and I would not feel so jipped. Anyway, here is what I got this month:


The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick in Saucy Marsala– Probably my favourite item out of the bunch, this is like Lip Smackers for adults! Not that I don’t love me some Smackers on my 30 year old lips but you get what I mean 😛 It smells just like PB & J plus it is packed with antioxidants. The colour is a tad brown for me but it feels nice and is a low-maintenance lip option!



Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm – This is a nice, all natural lip balm that is thick and salve-like for evening use. It doesn’t taste or smell like anything but it still feels really great on the lips. If you don’t like thicker lip treatments, this would not be your cup of tea but if you can hack it then you are getting a lot of great, long-lasting moisture.


Obliphica Professional Seaberry Mask – I was really excited about this as I thought it was a face mask but it is a hair mask which is fine. I like a good hair mask, this one smells like Jergens – the cherry bark and almond one. My grandmother wore that lotion religiously and I have always wanted to wear it but it does not work well the my skin.  Anyway, the reviews are solid, I am definitely interested in giving this a whirl.


COOLA Mineral Face Unscented Matte Tint – I am not even going to break the seal on this one, I am allergic to this entire brand. I know people who swear by their products though so it could be great, who knows! It is funny though, I read some of the online reviews and there were several people claiming to be allergic to this brand as well – interesting.


English Laundry Notting Hill Femme Eau de Parfum – I don’t hate (I am such a downer today, honestly) this but it does remind me of Flower Bomb of which I am not a fan. It is more subtle with warm, vanilla undertones. I wore it today and it is nice, I think that I will apply more next time.


I feel like such a nerd, I did not get home in time last night to take some photos with natural lighting so I hauled all of my stuff to work today so I could take some snaps before the night meeting 😀 Watcha’ doing? Oh, just…well…nothing…

Like I said, just not my favoruite box but looking forward to receiving my Ipsy this month which looks pretty great! What did you get in your box?

Thanks for stopping by <3


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