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When Only a Spritz Will Do


Eek! I will be back next Wednesday with a sub-box reveal and tonight I want to share my first impressions of the new Mario Badescu face spray that arrived yesterday! I think that many people use and love the Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater spray for countless reasons. For me, I appreciate the simplistic packaging, the price and the perfect combination of ingredients. I use this spray as a toner in the AM/PM and during the day when I just want to freshen up my makeup. This simple spray immediately soothes and hydrates. The effect of a couple of spritzes is other-worldly, this spray immediately hydrates my skin and perks up a dull complexion. An office environment can be very dry and I find that my skin just needs a little something extra on some days. I also carry this in my glove box for a little freshen up after a long drive – it serves many purposes for me. When I heard that this line was adding another face spray I knew I had to have it.


Their new facial spray is the same price ($7) point and size (4 oz) and is obviously packaged in the same simplistic yet charming packaging. The pastel green of the Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea Spray is delightfully complimentary to the pink rose spray. I of course spritzed my face as soon as I cracked the seal and it is glorious. This spray claims to invigorate dull, tired skin with an infusion of nutrient-rich botanicals.The top good for you skin ingredients are – cucumber water, green tea, peppermint leaf water, aloe juice, camellia leaf extract and of course, water πŸ™‚ It smells really refreshing, the notes that stuck out to me most prominently were definitely the aloe and cucumber – I didn’t pick up on the green tea or mint but definitely felt the cooling properties of the mint. This spray still delivers immediate moisture and refreshes just as effectively as the rose water. It was a great day to try it out as I had just arrived home after a 12 hour work day and my face was feeling a tad parched. These sprays are total complexion saviors, I cannot rave about them enough, this new spray is an excellent addition to the line! Plus, they look so pretty on my vanity together – pretty little pops of pastel πŸ˜› I hope that they release a travel size!


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