Pastels, If We Must

Sometimes I hate that we live our lives so transparently online, I feel as though we have so much access to intimate information that we didn’t have even 10 years ago. I hate it when I read or hear something distasteful that someone I admire says or does. I was reading an article today and it was about a favourite childhood star and I couldn’t help thinking what a pretentious little idiot the person was while I was reading their responses to the interview questions– I was so disappointed. I don’t even know why truly, we don’t know these people, what they say and do has no bearing on our lives and yet I was just so disappointed. I guess that is the risk you take when you idolize someone that you really don’t know, when you find out that they aren’t perfect it makes you a little sad when it shouldn’t/doesn’t even matter. I blame social media 😀

I am dreading spring, I hate switching out my wardrobe and I loathe wearing office clothing when it is humid out – it’s miserable. This doesn’t keep me from wanting some new pieces for the season though and here is what I have my eye on!

Off In My Own Whirl Midi-Skirt


Yard Work & Dedication Top in Dinos


Invincible Vision Trench


Coffee Break From The Norm Trench


Just Simply Adorn You Necklace


Paradiso Sunglasses in Petal


Saunter Sweetly Midi-Dress


Dusk & Stunner Midi-Skirt


Perfectly Put Together Midi-Skirt


Sculpture Garden Gala Midi-Skirt


Exemplary Ensemble Top


Keep Under Color Sweater


Go Full Fossil Necklace


Two Praises at Once Tote Bag


Know a Thing or Two in Lilac


Your Zest Effort Metallic Bootie


Obviously I have some whittling to do, especially on the skirts – I own so many flowy, floral skirts that I shouldn’t purchase any more 😀 But I guess, if we must do pastels – we must do them in style!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

20 thoughts

  1. The dino top, pink trench coat and the floral midi dress is so freakin cute!!!! I also like the pastel bracelets – it would be a great gift among friends or bridesmaids!

    1. I love trench coats! I was looking for a spring jacket years ago and could only find black or camel, there are so many options now! Agreed, they are happy little accessories ❤

  2. All those floral skirts are so beautiful!! But I’m too short and wouldn’t be able to pull them off! LOL. I do however like that black floral dress. I would definitely wear something like that!

    1. I hear you! I have ordered some midi skirts that look like maxi skirts on me 😀 Yea, the cut of the dress was something a little different – I think it would be really flattering. Thanks for reading ❤

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