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Ramblings and Insta Snips

What a weird day – I have a cold and went to the doctor and felt mostly fine but a little off and turns out I have a crazy fever, no I did not get a flu shot and shame on me. Then, I got an email from Nils at Beautylish (because we are on a first name basis apparently) that The Ordinary was going to be pre-launched tomorrow but it wasn’t tomorrow it was today and everything I wanted was sold out when I realized my mistake. Lastly,Ā  I got an email thanking me for my order from Boxycharm but I signed up almost 4 months ago and then got tired of waiting and decided to cancel but here we are…

I am making Fridays Product of the Week posts starting next week because I am lazy so here is a peek at my Instagram from the last couple of weeks šŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by ā¤



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