The New Generation

I am pretty excited about the snow that we are getting today but I usually plan all of my posts for the week on Saturday/Sunday and it has been so overcast that my pictures aren’t looking too great. I will probably have to blaze home after work tomorrow and catch the late afternoon sun – we shall see.



Glossier, the chicest leader in minimalist beauty has added some new blushers to their line – I grabbed a couple to try and also ordered some of their Generation G Sheer Matte Lippies to try for spring. I wear opaque, matte lips most everyday and thought these would be nice for weekends or low-maintenance days. I decided on Crush, Like and Cake – pinks and peaches mostly since these are my safe colours that generally jive with my skin tone. For $18 you get 2 g. of product that admittedly does come in a rather skinny tube but a decent size for precise application. Some reviewers complained about the plain, plastic tube but this is what I would expect from this brand and I didn’t find this to be disappointing.



The product itself feels great on the lips, is moisturizing and does have a little slip to it. While the wash of colour is sheer it definitely provides a little colour pop and is easy to build up for added intensity. Unfortunately, the colour doesn’t last terribly long and transferred  which didn’t surprise me. For this type of product I would not expect opaque, long-lasting wear and rather enjoyed wearing these anyway. I could definitely wear this to work even though they do require a little maintenance, they are as easy to apply as regular chapstick. I like them and think that these will be a nice change of pace for the warmer weather when full lips feel like too much fuss. Glossier offers a handful of flirty shades to brighten up any beauty bag.



Thanks for stopping by ❤

7 thoughts

    1. Interesting that you say that – I’ve stopped using the original Balm Dotcom because it doesn’t hydrate my lips! I just use it on my cuticles now 😔

  1. Soo interesting, everyone seems to love them but thank you so much for this review cause I was expecting the colour to be longer lasting than it was. Still think it’s an amazing product- I really want to try out Glossier products. Great post as always xoox

    1. I didn’t know what to expect with the sheer but also matte description. But yes, short wear time for sure. Their products are lovely, definitely worth a check out 🙂

    1. I think Crush is my fav so far – it is the brightest pink and provides the most colour saturation. The others are buildable but I like the bright pink hue of that one 🙂

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